It feels good to be bad from time to time because we liberate ourselves from limitations. Even so, later on some of us experience a little guilt feelings, but that soon passes because the fun is worth it! Declination fall into a different category. We have made a mistake or “We should have…” Maybe, we said hasty words in anger or chewed over on a financial conclusion and lost. We fall into a damaging loop beating ourselves up emotionally by chew on our actions, words and silence, like in poor taste gum over and over again. This contemplation saps our vitality and impedes acting forward.

Since everyone feels some sort of regret when chewing over on the past, it only converts a problem if: you tend to amplify what you did or didn’t do or get hooked to feeling pitying yourself. If either of those traits applies to you, then repent is causing you to get stuck in a moment. In the circumstance of a life what is a moment?

Look closely at the anatomy of your heart, both hard and soft, straining and relaxing, broadcasting and releasing, foods and waste products. The heart is Chinese medicine’s metaphor for governance the self. The heart is the anatomic source of flow and the goal in life is to flow in whatever you are doing, instead of fighting the current. When you are in a state of flow, you accept what you are doing this moment. This frees your mind and your spirit from past concerns. You can experience life as it comes rather than fearing it or missing out because of past errors. This is the heart of the issue.

Regrets dilute your present. Learn from your battles the way a boxer or martial artist does. Battles on the outside prepare you for conflicts on the inside. There are no declination in fisticuffs, or karate, only learning how to ameliorate technique and do better. Regret is like a blind spot in your life. When you are aiming, you know there is a optic disc in your mirror, so you correct for it. Similarly, when you navigate life, regret will be ambuscading there. Take the advantageous amounts to maneuver around it:

Don’t take failure too badly. There is a danger of falling under great negativity and causation yourself a bit much worry. As a answer, you will bear on to actualize bankruptcies because they have become a part of you. When you feel pain in your body, the more you think about it, the more it hurts. Remove your focus from the pain and it hurts far lease giver not at all. Don’t linger over your faults. Pass them by like paintings in a museum that you don’t especially like. Or else concentrate on the paintings that you do like.

Be agreement of others and likewise yourself. Forgive readily, particularly yourself.
Let regret lead you to a more coherent thought process and more exact action. Civilise kindness toward others who triumph when you fail and toward those who drop off when you win. By being kind to others you will get accustomed to kindness. It will become a part of you and make you feel like a better person. At last, you will be kind to yourself, see your worth and not beat yourself up over a past error!