Thinking Alike May Not be Thinking At All


You feel alright when all people agree with you and you hear from them what you like. On many occasions, we actually need to hear something else than what we like to hear. There are times when you need someone to oppose conflict or contradict you.

It is impossible that everyone will agree with you all the time as your thoughts cannot be 100 percent perfect all the time. If you find people are always agreeing with you, you must know that they may be scared to convey their real feelings. They may be uninterested or indifferent. Or maybe you have yes men around you.

It is better to think different from others. You should try to get the ideas of the other people who think in a different way from you and disagree with you. You need to associate with people who really do not know you and who cannot make judgments about you. It does not imply that you change yourself to be like them; rather it will give you an opportunity to look at things from a different angle.

To begin with this is something hard. It is easier for all of us to manage with the people around us who are agreeable with us. These people hardly disagree with anything and will never shake you or create any firm confrontation with your thinking or ideas. When your ideas are not meaningful and concrete, they may forget about resistance or any confrontation. The best way to check out ideas is to ask people to find the faults with it before you actually try to put a plan into action.


It may not be easy always to do so, but it is the most constructive way. When you get the feedback and response of the people who oppose your concepts, you get more precise and useful insight than you can ever get from yes men.


Often, it is so simple when people just agree with your ideas and say what makes you happy. But, many times you really want to hear what you actually NEED rather than want to hear. This is the time you like people to confront and oppose you. You know that your ideas can not be always 100% perfect and you should like that people want to come out with facts instead of being scared to utter the truth. Unless your thoughts are totally perfect, it is unlikely for people to always agree with them; otherwise they are not coming out with facts because of some kind of fear.