How to Develop the Confidence of Speaking to Anyone?


Being able to speak to anyone is very vital in not only building your career path but also in improving your network in social circles. Conversation is not something that comes easily to one and all. While some have a natural art of glib, not all have the ability. Some even have a fear of approaching somebody and talking to them.


Let us now understand how people can strive to overcome their fears and develop the ability to talk to anyone and have a conversation going.


Work on Hypothetical Situations


It is easy to converse with someone you are very comfortable with. And the best person to do that with is You. You can try conversing with yourself seeing the mirror using some hypothetical situations. You can create a journal in which you can include questions that you can ask to keep the conversation going. These practice sessions will surely help you go a long way in developing confidence to talk and knowing what to ask at the right time.


Learn the Art of Small Talk


When you are talking first time with someone, the problem that arises is you might not know what to ask or tell to keep the conversation going. You need to have some good topics on hand that helps initiate small talk. Some of the topics you can talk about are Education, Hobbies, Work or Family. But, it is essential to know the limits which you can go to as it is not proper to be too inquisitive as you do not know the person well to be asking questions considered too personal.


Listening is very Important


While you are learning the art of speaking to anyone and everyone, you should also focus on developing the art of listening. A conversation will become monologue and boring if you are only doing the talking. You should know how to ask the right questions to the person you are talking to and listen carefully to their answers so that you will know where to give the right comments or ask further questions to keep the conversation going. But, butting in on conversation is very irritating and might cause the conversation to go dead soon. So, avoid doing this during your conversation with anyone.


People like You can Form a Team


You can find lots of people like you who have the fear or difficulty in being able to strike a conversation with anyone. You can team up with these people and have interactive sessions where you talk to each one of them and have a healthy conversation. Each one of you can even try public speaking to this group to develop confidence in speaking and overcoming their fears. With such a group, you are more likely to be at ease and this will help you get rid of your phobia much more easily.


If you are envious of people who are natural speakers and attract people to them easily, it is time to take action. You need to realize that you yourself should strive hard to overcome your fears and only you can help yourself out of the situation and develop the art of making conversation and having the guts to do it.