Taking the time and effort to fine tune these observation sessions to tailor make it for one’s own recruitment exercises will help the individual to be more confident when approaching potential recruits. Following these methods used by the more experienced and knowledgeable up line leaders is also called duplicating.

When there is already a good system in place simply duplicating it will ideally help the new member get started.

One way of making the duplication process more accessible is to ensure it is designed for easy understanding and application. Creating a training module that incorporates easy to follow steps will allow the intended duplication process to proceed with as little problems as possible.

Also using systems that have previous proven and solid success records or results will also help the duplicating process to be easier and more confidently used.

Ensuring the designed plans and outlines for the business is used consistently and continuously when presentations are made will help those involved become more familiar with the style and thus become more comfortable with the presentation exercise thus creating effective duplications of the originals.

The duplication method should also include the idea of concentrating on a smaller group of prospects who are targeted to make a success of the business as this will ensure the dedication percentage committed to the exercise is not done so wastefully.

The energy and focus set aside for this said target group will be better spent rather than spending time randomly approaching anyone and everyone.

By constantly reassuring the new recruit of the commitment levels of the up line the duplication process can be further enhanced as the recruit will be able to experience this first hand upon observing how the up line handles himself or herself .