Exploring and taking risks were almost unheard of and certainly discouraged. Today most companies willingly encourage or even challenge all their employees to think outside the box. The results of which have proven to be phenomenal.

Here are some tips of how to think outside the box:
 Thinking for one’s self is often not tapped into enough. People tend to fear the unknown thus preferring to follow the norm, but thinking outside the box requires the individual to explore and venture beyond the norm. There is some level of invigoration felt when this freedom is allowed and encouraged.

 Learning to question anything and everything is also another way of exploring things outside the box. Making it necessary to accept everything heard, read or told is no longer the expected medium of behavior. Questioning means to exercise one’s own perception of things which can be surprisingly different from the masses. This difference can in turn bring about new and more innovative and beneficial elements that would greatly change the direction of any endeavor for the better.
 Making a conscious effort to look beyond what is visible and envision what could be is another way of cultivating the out of the box thinking process. Being quick to decide on what is obvious may in fact cause the individual to lose the sense of adventure which looking beyond may unfold.

 Though seemingly basic, the idea of recording thoughts and ideas if often overlooked. Making this a habit would not only help the individual remember fleeting ideas but could also create the birth of ideas that would be both brilliant and useable.