The Other Side

When using the referral style for approaching the potential cold market targets it always better to include the name of the person who facilitated the contact.

Periodically using the person’s name in the conversation especially if the said person is highly respected and admired by the prospect would encourage the prospect to keep the conversation going as opposed to finding ways to cut the conversation short.

To be able to reach the cold market effectively one should also consider building an influential present within the platform or area of the business being marketed.

If there is a respected level of influence and recognition the cold market target will be more willing to spend time in the presence of someone of such notable influence.

The cold market target would also be more willing to participate and even commit to the business being discussed if the presentation is designed to show the influential person’s impressive achievements to date.

Making use of the many tools available on the internet for marketing and advertising purposes and also for creating a presence will make the quest of gaining the attention of the cold market audience easier and approachable.

Provide valuable material that is worth the time and effort taken by the cold market audience to peruse. Respecting them and their time will go a long way in gaining their trust which would be good to have when the initial approach is initiated.