Communication the “right” way when delving in the public speaking arena is something that is very necessary so that the intended message is perceived and understood as intended. Successful communication can be denoted as being able to put one‟s ideas across to the target audience efficiently and effectively. Thus the following recommendations should prove to be rather useful to this quest‟s end.

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Being as clear, focused and brief as possible is definitely one of the foremost points to ensure. Good communications exists when both parties understand the message the same it is meant to be understood.

Being vague only causes the entire process to be fruitless and boring, thus causing the target audience to miss the intended message altogether. Capturing the audience‟s attention and keeping it for the entire presentation can be done if the presentation is done with confidence and without digression.

Taking the time to know the audience is also another important element in the communication platform. Ensuring the material presented is designed to suit the understanding capabilities of the audience is important.

The presentation should be communicated in a way that is as sincere as possible. Every point mentioned should only be done if the presenter has the confidence in the point, otherwise it should either be eliminated or redesigned until it is more plausible.

There should also be a clear indication of the confidence the presenter has in the subject matter being presented. If this confidence is not
evident then the target audience will not be sufficiently convinced of the matters being presented.

Include some interactive exchanges in the presentation exercise. This will give the audience a chance to participate in asking questions and seeking clarifications on any points that are not properly understood. Using this method to bridge the gap between the presenter and the audience will help to create effective and open communication.