As you already know that the front-end product will be your frontline product. It is important to make your front-end irresistible. The frontend offer has the most important role among the others in the sales funnel, because it is going to get people in and get the ball to roll in the sales funnel.

Without an irresistible front-end offer that opens the loop, no matter how great your Upsell offer is, or how great your Backend offer is, people is not going to see it. So, it is really important to make sure they get your front-end offer.

You‟ll learn some key concepts of front-end product along the way in this chapter, but having the irresistible front-end offer is the cornerstone of a successful online business. When the front-end offer makes the first sales, you can make multiple sales by putting them through the sales funnel.

Your front-end product is your first product that you are going to show to the subscribers. It is basically presenting the first impression of your sales funnel to the people that click in to your sales page. This is why an irresistible front-end product is so important to keep things rolling.

While a bad front-end could ruin the whole funnel, a great front-end could attract your subscribers to buy throughout your sales funnel. A front-end product is usually sold in a lower price. Its main purpose is to attract the subscribers to click on the “Buy” button.

Indeed, a product launch is really intense. While the launch is happening, you must be there standby to make changes. Most of the time, price issues would be one of the common factors that causes a low selling rate.

Hence, I strongly recommend you to keep on tracking the price of your front-end product in the launching of your products in your sales funnel. It is a time-tested price range for the front-end, from the lowest of $9.97 to $37 and so on. However, there is no hard and fast rules here, you can always tweak the price accordingly.

Now, you may be thinking that quoting your front-end product in low price couldn’t generate huge revenue even with a thousand or more sales. With 100% commission given out to the affiliate, where does the profit come from? But, do not worry about this. The real money doesn‟t come from your front-end. It comes from your Upsells and Backend.

Hope you now understand the whole concept of the sales funnel. The front-end usually cannot bring you any profit, because you will offer your affiliate a 100% commission. The front-end serves only as the opening of the buying loop. This is why you need the sales funnel.