What’s up guys Jason Wardrop here and in this video. I want, to walk through how to use Facebook, Ads if. You’re a complete beginner. I’m gon na walk through all the different steps And show you basically how. To go through and use Facebook Ads manager and give you a quick Tutorial on how to go through and make this happen now I’ve spent close to half a million dollars now on Facebook. So I feel, like I know, a thing or two: This is this: is an old old account? You can see right here lifetime Just so you know a little under 6000. This is back time when I was testing, and then I made more of an official business account And that’s, where I do most of my spending right so that’s for me personally in my business, But then I’ve spent another. I don’t know hundred thousand, maybe four other clients, so We’ve really gone through and nailed down a lot of the different strategies and obviously there’s always more to learn there. 39, s always Things that are changing with Facebook and you need to stay on top of that. But with this I want to give you guys a quick run through from A to Z, so Right here guys Just to give you a quick overall view these. These are all of your campaigns. Alright, And we’re gon na walk through There’s good. There’s three types of things: There’s a campaign, There’s an ad set, and then there’s an ad okay. So, like campaign is kind of like at the top, And then you can have multiple ad sets to the campaign, And then you can have multiple ads in each one of the ad sets right so just to break that down It’s actually easiest to go Through and start creating campaign to explain each one of the different Meanings of what those all are cuz, like you,’re, probably okay, Just what the heck are those right. So if we click on create campaign right here, all right – It’s, gon na See we’ll start over. It says What’s your marketing objectives? Okay, So there’s a lot of different things here And we need to choose the objective that best suits us of what we’re shooting for. Okay, so we’ve got Brent of awareness right here, consideration or conversion, so Facebook they have so much data that they know if they’re gon na show an ad in front of somebody. They know if somebody’s gon na watch A video like more likely to watch a video or more likely to like or comment a post like for me. I don’t really like and comment on a lot of posts, but I’ll click on a lot of links, And so they’ll, probably know okay, I’ll show Jason ads that are more traffic base of people, so traffic is basically like You Them to click to your website or to a blog post or something like that, where it’s, video views That’s like posting, a video on Facebook. You you just want people to watch it You don’t want necessarily them to click anywhere. Engagement that’s just like clicking that boost post button on your Facebook page that’s to get people to like and comment and share on your posts and Facebook knows the people that are more likely to do that came and right here. There’s lead generation That’s using Facebook,’s lead forms Which we could shoot another video another day. If you guys want a video specifically on that Just comment down below, because I can go through and show you step by 7. The cool thing about this is: It gives you their name phone email address, whatever information you want, But it automatically pulls the information that Facebook has on file so a lot of times. You can eliminate a lot of the bogus information When it comes to lead generation. Right now Messages this is kind of a newer one, but this is really hot right now of just like, you know, they click hey, I’m interested to call to action is send message and then it starts a conversation in your facebook, Messenger. Okay and I’ve, seen some crazy awesome results with facebook, Messenger and then Conversions right here. This is using. This is diving a little bit deeper And I’ve got some other videos on this, but using Facebook’s pixel, Okay, So they’re. Pixel is basically their way of tracking everyone that comes to your website, Everyone that becomes a lead all that stuff, which we can hit a little bit on that today, But will also I’ve got. I’ve got actually another video that I’ll link here, Be able to show you guys how to actually make that happen, okay And how to set that up and use it on your website. So these are all the different ones. So, for this one, Let’s just say: We’re gon na go with traffic alright, And this obviously is based off of your goals of what you want to go through and do I didn’t really hit brand awareness. Brand Awareness is just getting like a massive reach, getting like more exposure than anything. You know it kind of like that in store visits, catalog sales. This is a little bit more advanced And it depends on like what type of business you’re in. So I’ve actually never used those Just because I’m, not in that type business. But if you use you’re working with like a physical location Like store visits, obviously are gon na be huge or catalog sales That’s, probably gon na. Be really more to e commerce. Alright, so let’s just say traffic right here And then we could give the campaign a name. So we’ll just say demo traffic campaign right So come over here and just really quick back. I’ll show you Let’s just click back right here. You can’t set a limit to the campaign. Saying hey, I don’t want to spend any more than 200 bucks, 500 bucks whatever or 50 or whatever the number is, But I typically don’t do that. I just kind of keep my eye on the campaigns and watch them. So what does it continue here? Okay, So the campaign so like we’ve got the three Different pieces of the campaign, which is kind of like the overall, the highest part of the pyramid. I guess, and you’ve got ad sets where you can have multiple ad sets within the campaign. Okay and then the ad right here. So your campaign is the objective. Do you want two people to watch videos traffic get leads. What do you want to happen? Then your ad set – this is where it gets into the Targeting of fining like what’s the audience like what’s, the demographic you want to target, What’s your budget, You can see right here. They break it down, They’ve. Actually they change this about a year ago And they made it really simple to kind of see all the steps like your objective. Okay, now the trap, okay is traffic. Who do you want the audience to be? Where do you want to be placed? You want to be on your mobile phone, a Desktop on Instagram on all these different platforms and then your budget, so it’s like hey. Do you want to spend five hours a day? You want to spend 100 a day like how much do you want to spend okay so over here as we come down, and we can give this a name to so we’ll, say demo a Traffic ad set, and then you can. I typically would like at this point to just give it a name based off the audience Right which we don’t know yet something just kind of create this on the fly. But it’s kind of cool, because you see like the potential reach of what you’ve got so far and we’ll break it down. You’ll see how this number right here is 200 million. How, as we go through and break this down, It’ll shrink, but you’re getting more narrow, more specific Okay. So when I’m running a campaign, if it’s, if it’s like a national campaign like all across like the US or Canada or whatever country you live in, I Like to get a few hundred thousand people in that campaign, because Facebook works Better with more data, okay, So like the bigger the audience, the bigger at work, it works. However, if it gets too big if it’s getting to like three four five million, Sometimes you’ve got to like nail injure your targeting a little bit better. If it’s like a super broad market, then great Like if you’re selling, I don’t know like Weight, loss, stuff cuz that’s a pretty broad market. But if you’re like in more of a specific niche, you probably want to stick around like the one to two million on the higher end right, That’s at least what I’ve seen. But then, if you’re doing like local ads, obviously it’s kind of based off of How many people live in your town in your city, right like you, live in Chicago versus I don’t know like it’s, some small town in South Dakota right, like you,’re gon na, Have a lot fewer people, But you don’t want to be reaching out to people in North Dakota, because this is not gon na be within that right. Demographic, okay, So come down here traffic. I just leave this here. Nice thing is some of the stuff You don’t really even have to touch It’s. It’s, not like it.’s super important so offer I don’t do anything there and then custom audiences. This is a little bit advanced, so we’ll hit that in another video and then four locations, Let’s say let’s say this is let’s just say. This is a local app. Okay, We’re running it for a local weather. We’ll say a real estate agent, just because That’s I work a lot in the real estate space and the mortgage space. So let’s say: okay, We’re gon na come down here and we’ll say. Or do we want to be a tape, Orlando, Florida? Okay, So we’ll type in Orlando Florida and lay this. They went from 200 million down to two million people right here now. What if I run in a local ad this locations of this drop down? It by default is going to say everyone in this location, But I typically would want to do people who live in this location. Okay, because it’s like hey. I just want people who live in this location and that’s good for real estate. But if you’re doing like it for a restaurant – And you just want everyone that location, because if they’re busy and as a matter, if they’re visiting, You want to be able to target them as well or you can do piece. People recently in this location, so if they were there, But they’re, not there anymore or people traveling this location so like. If you’re like running ad for more tourists type stuff, You can do that as well. So For this one with real, We’ll just say people who live in this location And then you can see that without narrowed down to 1 5 million, because well That is kind of a touristy spot right. So now what we could do Is we can go through and say: hey. I only want it with people in the current city, Okay, so which that’s going to nail down to eight hundred eighty thousand – or do you say, hey – I want to do more of a radius Okay, so you can go up to 50 miles or down To ten miles so just because this is a little bit bigger city Right, we can do a 10 mile radius, okay, so now we’re going down and As far as the age range you got to kind of think of, like your target demographic, Like how Old, are they like somebody if we’re doing real estate, It’s looking to find someone That’s looking to buy or sell a home, Then 18 year olds, probably not gon na, be in that demographic, so I’d say that we like To go up to at least Like a 25 26 27, something like that, and so you can see how you’re narrowing down This as well. You Go through. You could type in languages It’s like. If you only want to work with people that speak English or you could say, hey, I want to work. I know there’s, it’s a big Hispanic market in that area. So you could just say: hey. I want Spanish, So you can kind of see as two hundred twenty thousand people or you can just say, hey. You know I work with doesn’t matter what language they speak. If they they live in the? U s, They probably speak a little bit of English, so I’ll just leave it at that. So I’ll, typically just cuz. I’d speak English. I’ll just put that in Now guys. This is where it gets pretty cool right here. Okay, the detailed targeting okay, so the detailed targeting you could do some really cool stuff here. So What I like to do you go through and browse? You can browse by demographics, so somebody’s, education, Okay, it’s, education level. They’ve got a college degree or they’ve, just high school, or they’re in college. They’re in high school. They’ve got a master’s degree, So you can get pretty like bit and obviously this is not always something that you have to go through and choose, But sometimes, depending on your ad, you’re. Creating this can be really helpful. So it’s just good to know some of these different things that are in here or financial. You can say: hey. I only want to hit higher income people so people they’re, making over half a million dollars a year. Okay Or I can target the lower or like kind of like the middle income, or something like that or saying hey net worth okay, Because if you got like a high value real estate property. For sticking with this, you probably like somebody that’s only like has a 100 000 net worth. It might not be able to afford a five minute. Well, They can’t afford a five million dollar property. Okay, so that’s kind of cool right here and then also, I said what hits of these things, because these are like What I like found somebody stuff with some of these things in here I was like wow there’s a lot of stuff. You could do so. I don’t want just open up your guy’s eyes And your mind is seeing some of the different things that we can do here. Alright, so you can do home ownership, Which is big for obviously real estate mortgage. You say: hey, I’m, looking for people to first time, homebuyers home type life events Interests you see like okay, You want people like there’s, one where let me find this There’s, what old behaviors! I think it is okay, Where it talks about people’s purchase behavior right this right here, So people that are like more likely to make big purchases online. If you’re doing like ecommerce type stuff, see these buyer profiles, Coupon users, that, like it’s crazy how much data Facebook has because Facebook now has the data that you give them, But through Facebook’s pixel, they can actually track What sites you’re going to they know what what links you’re clicking on. What ads you’re clicking on, so they’ve actually got a lot a lot. A lot of data on you, Okay, cuz. Some people last times were like well. How do they know that I, like I like skiing, I don’t like any of the skiing pages, but You know maybe you’re clicking on those those ads or something like that, so they’ve got. I mean I’m not going to go through all these, but they’ve got tons of things down here or you can just say: hey They’re interested in real estate. You could just type that in okay, so right here interests or Behaviors either. One of these the difference between interested behaviors interest is basically they’ve liked something related to real estate on Facebook. Behaviors is kind of like they,’ve, more acted upon something like they’ve that’s more of like they click the link or something like that. It’s anyway, guys you guys could get lost in this forever. I’m not going to dive in super deep more on this, just because we’ve already. I feel like hit that pretty well So adding the connection type this right here. I don’t always really do this, but you could say hey. I want them to be people who, like I wanted. I want to just target people who have liked my facebook page already, so it’s like that’s kind of your warm audience Or if you want to like expand a little bit. But you know how have some of the ads that says: hey So and so, like you,’re, one of your friends also likes this page. This is where you can go through and do that so you say: hey friends of people who, like your page or if you want to just Expand and get new people say: hey only. Eight people Exclude people who, like my page, because this is not those like my patients only for new people coming in okay, so now coming down What we could do here so automatic placements a lot of times they have this here by default. I like to do edit placements and Just so you can see like all the different places we can have these ads. You have it on the newsfeed, so this Mobile and desktop used to be separate, And now it’s just one of the same. If we want to make it just on mobile or just on desktop right here on device types, It says all devices recommended, which I usually leave it at that, but you can say only on mobile devices or only on desktop computers. Okay, so that’s just something really quick there and Then, as we’re going down here, I like to just typically leave it on the Facebook news, feeds and uncheck everything else: okay, Just because I’ve seen the best results with that. However, I just wanted to show you some of the different places you can have these dad’s. Okay, So you could have it on there instant articles There’s kind of like a newer blogging type platform Industry videos. This is kind of like what YouTube’s already been doing. Having like the streaming videos before a video, you know right column. You guys have seen that on your desktop top right lot of times you get cheaper ad Space for that, just because it not as many people click on that. However, It could still convert extremely well and then right here. This is where you do it on Instagram. Okay, Facebook owns Instagram, and So, if you wanted to show on Instagram as well, you say hey, I want to show it in the newsfeed or at the very top on the stories. Okay, so that’s kind of a cool little feature there. Then you’ve got all these different ones. You know, if you want to do messenger and say hey, I want them to click and go to messenger, or you can actually have it an ad. In essence, pop up in that person Messenger box, Okay, which it’s kind of crazy right, okay, Now just scroll down here guys. I Don’t really touch this right here and then, as far as the budget, you can do a daily budget. So I want to spend five bucks a day or a lifetime budget. Just saying hey: I Only want to spend 35 100 50 or whatever It is. I typically just like to do a daily budget. Okay and you can start out at whatever number, whatever suits your budget right now. If you have an audience of like seven hundred thirty thousand, you can start at like a higher number like you could start Technically. You know let’s say 50 or 75 dollars a day. I like to start normally like around twenty twenty five dollars a day. If I have like a massive massive budget, But if you’re watching this video, you’re, probably more of a beginner. So if you start around, like the five to ten dollar range, That’s – probably just that’s perfect right, so we come in here and then this is. This is something That’s, that’s cool Like what I like to do sometimes is when I start a new ad campaign, I like to give it the whole entire day so like right now, I think it’s like 6 00, a m On A Saturday I I just woke up, I couldn’t sleep. It’s, like I,’m, just gon na shoot a video, So I like to get the full day and let it run so that I can kind of like see the whole day.’s data It’s so like if it’s, If it’s right here, so we say I like to start like, maybe on a Monday, okay and then we’ll say: look We’ll start at 8, 00, a m Okay and Then, since we’re a daily budget, Well, you can’t have a Start, end date and then still a daily budget, or you could say, hey, run my ad set continuously, But I like to kind of like have a start date right and so all That switched up on me, so we come over here. 8. 00. A m Cuz then, so if that’s Monday at 8, 00 a m On Tuesday, when I like kind of gets you my ads and stuff around like 8 or 9 a m, I Can see a full day.’s worth now, really quick, quick tip. If you guys are only spending 10 a day, I would give it probably three to four to five days before you go through and evaluate Whether your campaign is work Not because sometimes it takes a little bit of time for Facebook to go optimize it and find The right people and the more data They have, the better They’ll be able to optimize it for you, okay, so despite popular belief, Facebook actually wants you to succeed, because if you succeed, you spend more money with them and it’s great for everyone. Right But at the same time you got to have a good ad that that really is fitting with your target demographic, Which we’ll talk about ads here in a second okay. So That’s kind of like what I like to do. So if it started on Monday from 8 00 at 8 00 – a m – I could check it – Maybe that next Tuesday Just kind of get a quick glimpse of what it’s looking like. But if I’m only spend 10 a day, But you’ll wait to like Wednesday or Thursday and really determine if it’s a winning ad or if it’s it’s, not right. Okay, So coming down here, link clicks. I typically don’t really mess with any of this and that doesn’t matter it like doesn,’t matter what campaign I’m Ronnie. I just like leave it just because lots of Facebook -‘s basic stuff, is kind of like already set to where you want to have it okay. So then we’ll come over here to the the ads section right and You need a business page, Whether it’s your personal and your business, one or whatever You need a business page. In order to run ads, you can’t run it from your personal profile. Okay, now It’s nice, because it’s super easy to go through and create your your own Facebook page free, easy takes like two seconds all right, Then, if you’re also advertised on Instagram, you can connect your Instagram account right here right now. The cool thing is, is if you haven’t existed like let’s say you made a post on your Facebook page and, and you want to use that you can just click on use existing post and That you can go through and select. One of your previous post right here: okay, Now, if you go through and you’re, creating a new ad inside a Facebook Ads manager, this is what’s called. Some people call it a blind ad and the reason why it’s called a blind ad Is because this is actually not going to show up on your Facebook page in the newsfeed Right. So there’s the two types you can go: make the post on your Facebook page And then use it as an existing post and use that in your ad campaign or if you Inside here it actually does not show up. And there’s pros and cons to both some people. Don’t want it to be like if you’re, excluding people from your Facebook page, It’s only a special offer, special something for people that don’t like you, your page. Yet then you could do that. Sometimes it’s nice to have it on your Facebook page, Because then you get some free, organic exposure, some likes and comments that you, don’t have to pay for, and It looks like those posts, sometimes look a little bit more natural. It’s not like a straight up at Because they’re gon na look a little bit different. Like an ad inside of ads manager. You’re gon na have like the headline. The sub headline is gon na like Be like. I mean you’re just gon na be like you ask see that you see everyday, whereas in a post on Facebook It’s not necessarily gon na look as much like an ad and she kind of like almost, I guess, not trick people But like Make them think it’s, not an ad, it is still will say sponsored at the top, But those are some quick little differences there. Now we’ll hit these really quick. Just because this is a tutorial for beginners. I want to give a full Rundown of everything it’s like the carousel. This is we’ll just kind of show They’ve got like the little demos right here. This is where you can go through and you can have multiple little different images or pictures so like this is kind of nice. If you’re in e commerce – and You’ve got like different products that they might be interested in right of like hey, We got this or this or this then that you could just come down here and change these different ones. Just through here. You can add it, It could be an image or a video one thing I’d like to do in the past, with when I’m, trying to get more clients. Is I’ll do a carousel ad right like this, But also have different testimonials. So all like going out four or five testimonials like Hey this person, this happened or this person. This happened this person. This happened like real estate. You could potentially feature multiple listings that you have right where I like to typically just do one listing. If I’m a real estate agent, Borrowing my business, but that’s an option there, you do a single image ad, which I’m sure most of you guys have all seen. Just it’s, just one main core image: the single video Same type of thing, but it’s just a video. Instead of an image Slideshow. I actually have never really used slideshow, but it’s, like kind of just that You can see like it says, create a looping video ad with up to ten images. Okay and then Collection right here – I’ve never used this as well. So I’m not gon na like go speak to it. I’m not an expert on it, feature: collection of items that open into a full screen mobile experience. Okay, so that could be cool. Okay, Let’s start now. I would highly recommend starting out with a single image or a single video Here -‘s, the I guess basic simplest wants to do so. Let’s say single image, So you can go in here, upload an image You can see there free stock images or browse the library all to see I don’t even know what images I’ve got. Well, she’s like the core. The made the popular profile picture, I always use on everything. Oh so, if it looks like this guys, There’s a tool that’s called canvas, yay and va com. It will see if this really quick cuz. This is important Like this ad right here. This same thing was happening like this. Lady’s head was getting like cut off Cave just kind of like how my heads getting cut off. So what I did on canva is, you can go through and they’ve got all of these Dimensions. That are already pre built for you. Okay, so, like facebook, add a YouTube thumbnail. This is what I use. Do you make all my YouTube thumbnails. This is the old Facebook, a total dimensions. Facebook cover Facebook, post, Instagram post the college different things, So I’ll just hit this and then what I’ll do is I’ll upload. You can just upload the image It makes it really easy to upload. Okay and let’s say this is the image right here: Okay, so now, if I go through – and I throw it in right here – and We can make a little background – Let’s see what the background should be. Maybe this cool house That’s – probably not gon na fit that great. I, Like this house, is my background. Actually, Okay, and obviously this is probably Anyway, You guys can see it’s, pretty easy. You just like, drag and drop everything, and then you can kind of like move you around all that stuff and then You could even type text. Okay, so test ad Will change that to be white, so they can see it a little bit better to change the font. Okay, we just maybe throw this up in the corner, and Do it also really quick guys if you have more than 20 Text in your facebook, add image You’re gon na get disapproved Okay, so I actually typically like to have as little text if no Text as possible, So this is actually typically what I do on at YouTube: thumbnail This doesn’t matter, but on something like this I like to like, maybe have like. Maybe it’s like hey, and obviously this is not like what I do for real estate. I’ve got other strategies and stuff like that, But let’s say if you want to throw an image of you or somebody in there have a little background image And then you let your your headline and sub headline. Do the talking? Okay, Which will show you guys here in a second now We can download this and Upload it into Facebook, Ads manager. Well, it’s just for this one I’m just gon na browse the library. I want to show you guys that really quick, Add images we’ll just use something right here that we’ve already got in place. I Will just use this: It’s a it’s a home right, okay. So then we’ll throw in the URL like let’s say for this example, We’re just doing it to Google. Obviously you’re, not you.’re gon na put in the URL of your Your landing page and – and I’ll, hit another video on that, but you, don’t want to send it to your main website or your blog. It. You’re gon na waste a lot of money. You’re not going to generate any leads, but obviously it depends on what your goal is right. That campaign objective up here. So if you just want people to read your blog post, then yeah, you could just send them to your blog right. But if you want to generate leads, you want to send to a landing page which all I’ll have another video on that, but that’s kind of where we want to go there. So the text right here – The Facebook’s – made this pretty easy guys You just kind of go through okay. What’s the website you want to send people to what’s the text you can say test text Copy right here. This is just like your main Facebook post, like what you want to say in there. You can make this as long as you want, can make it like a long long story. You can make it very quick, and what I like to do here, Just is, is a tutorial kind of for beginners, like letting you know how I like to write my my eat. My copy Excuse me guys, so I like to go through first thing. I like to do is call out my audience. Second thing I like to do is do something to pique their interest and To give them kind of a call to action and then add some value and then another call to action so like, for example, Let’s say: Orlando Homeowners, Okay, so that’s Calling out my audience: Okay, so I’m targeting people in Orlando And if you’re a homeowner and I can go through back in my interest and say hey, I only want people that are homeowners, so you have specific. But then, if you’re live in Orlando and your homeowner, and you see Orlando homeowners – That’s gon na peak your attention right that’s gon na, be like oh hey, This is for me, You could say. Are you looking to sell your home in the Next three to six months? Okay, so now that’s like weeding out through Orlando homeowners kay, If you’re not looking to sell your home, You’re gon na keep scrolling. You’re done. I’m, not talking to you Say: are you looking to sell your home in the next three to six months and then and obviously this I’m just creating this on the fly You could say like Alright, look like let’s say I’Ve got somebody looking to buy a home Okay, I have a family of three looking to purchase a home in the I don’t know where Lana that well, so we’ll just say blank Area so like if you were wanting to get like specific To like a community, you know Who is hoping to purchase their Dream home within the next Few months. Okay and then we can say like full details, click here And then we can have a link. So we’re gon na have the link. So if they click on this image right here That’s going to take them to the the site, but also Is sometimes nice – add the link inside this copy too, because there’s a reading it lot of times, people read Ads or anything online with Their mouse I don’t but a lot of times people do, and so, if you’re, they’re going through and they’re like. Oh well, Do you look here? It’s just easy to click right, and So you can add like sometimes it can be as simple and click quick as that or you can add a little bit more. Sometimes I typically just leave it at that. So light cone have the audience and then of those people, hey. Are you looking to sell your home next 36 months? We’re weaning it down, and then we’re, adding like it’s like a little value. Add like hey guys, get like. If you’re gon na sell, I’ve Already got a family of three looking to purchase a home in this specific area. Now, obviously you don’t want to like make that up. You want to be like legit, But you want to be some value. Add there to get them to be like to pique their interest of like okay, What separates you from all the other real sage and stuff like? Why would I want to sell my home with you? You know I mean so then For the headline. This is where that google spot is going to be. We can say: are you Yeah, we’ll just say: are you looking to sell your home okay and that’s gon na pop up right there and Then we could say: hey call to action, learn more. We’ve got several ones right here. We’d say no button. I don’t want it to look like an out of time, so we’re just gon na, say hey just like. Are you looking to sell your home or watch more? So this is kind of depends on like what your goal is right a Lot of times. I will typically do just learn more Just because, like it kind of like it’s, not Something of like hey, download now or donate now, or Buy Now or sign up, or something like that, That’s a little bit, you put a guard up or, As learn more It’s like most people, are fine Learning a little bit more about something right. Okay, so we’ll just actually I didn’t click that learn more, so leave it at that. Okay – And then I I took we don’t hit this, and then this display light link. You can change that if you want, I typically just leave it in then a newsfeed link in description, so we can say test Copy right here That’s gon na Pop up down here as your sub headline. This is the mobile view. You can see mobile newsfeed, and this is only gon na show up on your desktop newsfeed. So if we go through and we Scroll and hit this, this is gon na show all the difference ad placements that we chose in the ad set level. Okay, So we chose news feeds It’s gon na show this one right here, and this is another view of it. Okay – And this is what its gon na look like on your desktop newsfeed, so I can see test copy, let’s say we can say Orlando home owners Looking to sell in the next three to six months. I usually do this like a little shortened version of what I’m talking about here. Okay, so It says Earl, an emotionally gon na sell in the next three six months. We have a family Looking to buy something like that, and this is like learn more okay. So just like a quick, So I’ll give them they’re scrolling through and they kind of Skim past. All this then they see this. Are you looking to sell your home Line of home or just looking to sell the next few six months We have a family looking to buy and they’re like? Oh What’s this all about, learn more. They go to your website, okay and then down here all this URL parameters That’s super advanced stuff. You don’t need to mess with that. Honestly, I don’t really miss that even still – and I’ve spent a couple thousand dollars a day on Facebook, So facebook pics will leave that leave this I’ll leave all that use hit confirm Good to go Okay, so some other little last Tidbits of things, if we come over here to ads manager, This is so like this is gon na. Be, will save leave this page okay, so This is taking you back to this area. You can filter through stuff by lifetime. You want to see everything for the whole lifetime Or you can see how your campaigns just performing today or last 7 days lost times. Last 7 days You got ta, keep in mind It. Doesn’t show the day of ok so that’s just gon na show the last seven full days or last 14. Full days Last times I like to look at it at the last seven days: Okay and see what it’s like this. So you can see I’m not running any ads And then you kind of mix it up and say like okay, I want to see it by Performance or delivery, so delivery would be like how many people are being reached thrive or engagement. How many like Reactions comments, shares links like all the different information there, so you can kind of like Go through and scroll through what, by what you want to see it, and then you can see here, you can see your campaigns ad sets and ads Okay. So if you want to go through and say hey I want to get. I want to nail down on a specific like let’s say this foreclosure leads. This is only gon na show the ad sets that are within that campaign and then, if we click on this, it’s gon na Just dive deeper. So, like you got campaign you clicked on so it says one selected Adsense, There’s only one ad set in this campaign. We click on this, so it just dives deeper. Now We’re at the ad level. So there’s just this one ad and if you’re like crap, I want to like see what it looks like. I can’t remember what it looks like we just hit this. It will hit preview and it’s gon na pop up. What this looks like a So we kind of see what this looks like. If you want to see what it looks like actually in the newsfeed, You’re gon na hit, Hey click on this say Facebook post with comments, and This will pop up what this actually looks like. So if you wanted to like, like it yourself right there, you could just throw in a like right there and This kind of it switches between what profiles or pages you have on your account. I’ve got a lot. You probably don’t have as many as me. Okay, so those are some different things and then also up here, this hamburger menu, You get all tools. This goes and tot kind of takes you in different Aspects like you can create different custom audience so, like I,’ve got a video on this. Actually, where you can upload your All of your contacts into Facebook, you know Maps their name phone and email with the name phone email, But they have a file with Facebook, which is kind of cool Facebook, pixels, Which I’ve got a video on that’Ll out of here as well On tracking so that’s kind of cool. So if you guys all add these videos like, if you guys, click in that top section, Where there’s like the little circle with the eye, I’ll have some of those different videos here. So you guys can kind of explore some more of these different things, And then this is where you can go set up like the billing and all at them, Like the admin type stuff, and so anyway, I’m not gon na hit all these things. This is just quick. Obviously it’s a little bit longer tutorial, But anyway, if you guys want to learn something specific there’s, something that I didn’t cover in today,’s, video. I hope I covered a fair amount, But if there’s something that I didn’t cover today, make sure you guys leave a comment down below Also if this was helpful, Go ahead and hit hit like, and let me know I I want to bring You guys and help you guys up as much as possible And if you guys are not subscribed to channel make sure you subscribe. I try to launch a new video every single day. I do my best with that, but I launched new videos weekly for sure on how to generate more leads, make more money and grow your business, whether You know your real estate agent mortgage broker, if you’re, creating your marketing agency Or you want to start Already you’re an entrepreneur like it, doesn’t matter What business You’re in, But I will go through and show you how to go through and grow things with Facebook with social media And how to go through and grow your business. So anyway, guys Thanks so much for watching today and hope you guys all have an amazing day. .

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