have you thought about being in freelancer well today on the outing we’ll write about nine freelance occupations for you aspiring entrepreneurs[ Music] has become a freelancer can be really exciting it can give you a lot more flexibility other than simply doing a regular nine-to-five perhaps wielding from residence for example now Emma isn’t a freelancer but you got to work from home right I got to work from dwelling yeah so tell us about thinking about it because there is a lot of flexibility and I don’t worry boss dad but I think about you are familiar with during my era like what I fit in that everyone else has to wait until after their light doctor’s appointment yeah or even like productive things like I cook a lot because I’m at home and think about it I didn’t like start a entire vegan cooking thing about gratuities and tricks in your kitchen just while I’m making my lunch because I’m remote so our first undertaking on the index blogging you can write about things that you’re intense about things that you can really talk about all the time without even doing a whole lot of prep study but it does take some time so thrive your public so before you think about getting your own website there are some free ones that you know you can just get right on now and start to build your gathering LinkedIn medium mm-hmm those are some popular locates that don’t cost anything and again you can really get it rolling and get people interested in what you’re talking about in that same vein number two soul writing you can write on behalf of others and many different reasons for say memoirs or writing address or even other blogs this is a great way to simply building and strengthening your rapport and allow people to get to know your work so that you can finally get to those bigger occupations so multitude three photography I’ve seen a lot of my friends do this for freelance exactly because out of their own enjoyment for a photography and all of a sudden I envision they’re like posting on Facebook hey if you require your wedding photos taken you know hit me up here’s my contact info and then before you know it it’s like their whole career because it takes off there’s such a need for it yes and also think about your smartphone I entail the camera that we have now I just got the brand-new iPhone whoa hello better than those professional cameras out there and in addition to that I symbolize just think about it you could go out and maybe I do this a lot when I’m walking around in San Diego where I live there’s just so much charm around me and I “ve been wanting to” take photos think about like the stocks photos I could get out of that because I live in this really beautiful place and I can go to the beach in a matter of minutes that might be some immense stock photos for someone who can’t go to the beach to help them out with their business or whatever they’re creating online so amount four pas consultant if you are avid traveler or one only has enormous researching skills people will compensate you to spend that time if you think about it the last time you booked your cros you think about the flights you think about the housing you think about the things that you’re going to do a wandering consultant can take away all of that time so you can do other things and they can do that for you I just like to wing it time booked the flight maybe precisely one highway ensure what happens what’s the worst that could happen you over design there are still disappears the undertaking but yeah back to consultant planning out your check well yes speaking of last year for our anniversary my wife and I we schemed out a four-state trip and it was about two weeks long why four moods four regimes because she did it I precisely I is an indication clean-living and presentable that’s it wife is the travel consultant guy pretty much and we went to Arizona mm-hmm we went to Denver Colorado and then we also went to San Francisco California and in fact to Austin so for both of us ten flights guess how much we spent for those ten flights nope under 1100 m in Prescott like it’s not that much on exactly one trip one locate yeah so as you can see having someone that can do all that research for you can save you era and coin along with that thwarting absolute Travel Consultants are awesome in demand jobs yeah so numeral five social media marketing I intend this is something that affects businesses of all sizes and what a lot of those businesses of all sizes can pertain on is I don’t have a lot of extra period and then social media as we both know is that it’s so important for your marketing you’re spreading word-of-mouth to lure brand-new purchasers too client retention in social media is key but again there’s that time fact takes time it takes time to be create and thoughtful about what photos you’re putting up captions and so that is something to that you were able to do and even start at any level for any business of different sizes and render hey I’m gonna make this off your layer I’m gonna make love for you maybe precisely start with one stage or do all three or Facebook Twitter Instagram a great way to freelance so for vi freelance errand photo edit good yes photo editing can be an awesome career for you if you want to increase your skill level with Photoshop because a lot of beings whether a businesses or even parties that have online firms they’re looking for some high quality graphics visuals and too as you can crease your photoshop sciences it can lead into another opportunity with graphic scheme so it’s can be like a self-feeder yeah forms Kilda earth too I know my good friend Sam who lives in Chicago and she would tell felt she was talk about me she different Sam but here my friend um but my friend Sam she was in Chicago she actually like went to photography school in California and you know she makes money off photography but she can also make money merely editing photos so she does that and then sometimes you get so busy go photos and editing her own there she doesn’t have time to edit so she even like hires other beings only do revising outsource that I’ve seen that a lot with my photographer friends where they have people who edit also cuz retouching if you’re ever shooting parties retouching it’s monotonous figure seven translator this is something I care I could do my cousin Devin she fallen in love with a person in Argentina and over many years of you know deciding I lives in the Government Tina she eventually moves there she had a job translating like that and she makes well she also has a marketing job but she does facilitate freelance and so she is there translating and it is amazing she also did it even when she was back in the Nation because she got so good at it then she offered her skills and her know she knows like three languages now back here in the states and honestly if you don’t have your severity or certification in it you can still start if you are bilingual or trilingual like your cousin route to go Devin at the same time there are some free options out there duolingo it’s an app that you were able to get ah it’s nice and recreation some plays great user interface also if you’re in an area where you travel whether we bus develop aircraft you can actually have drive age University where you can listen to an audio explanation of whatever conversation you want to learn it’s so many opportunities out there to come multi-language so for figure eight an journalist or proof reader if you have a journalism background and you’re good with you know taking the time staying focused there’s any beings yes paroles sometimes are hard but as numerous people that are looking for a proofreader or editor that’s going to look over there would it be a blog post magazine article parties are looking for someone that can be skilled and there and digit nine for our last freelance profession video editor this is a great opportunity to showcase your skills and putting together so much content that travels out there on a lot of these video scaffolds like YouTube Facebook Vimeo people are in demand that know how to use these very complicated programs to do all this video editing so with that being said it may take you some time to really understand these programs but it can pay off for you in the long run clearly I would affection that I’d pay for it like I make videos often special and right here in Kirkland and I just think that video out there so I time communicate it and then when I watch it subsequently I’m like oh humankind could include it so good I added something to that taking a little bit more time on it but it watches so I would definitely pay to have someone do that three parties maybe so whether you’re looking to become a full-time freelance or just some part-time side work these are some alternatives that you can think about and going into the freelance work likewise get into freelance work it may take some time to build up your clientele so you are required to do multiple ones like Emma mentioned you were able to do photography and photo editing you know you can and then blog about it exactly you can mix and pair a lot of these but too as you increase your sciences that moves you more in demand and because it is competitive out there but it’s a good thing to think about as you increase your sciences not “ve been thinking about” how much fund you stir per hour but getting paid for the evaluate you bring to the hour all right that’s a cover you merely learned nine freelance occupations for the aspiring entrepreneur you should have liked this video criticism below also subscribe and ring the bell so you’re notified once we have fresh content came to see you this is the dreary see you next time

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