ISRAEL ALCZAR: To talk about digital marketing today we have Pedro Amador who today will present marketing strategies digital and everything that has to do with the discipline of authority in Google (SEO) Pedro Amador is part of the AECOP association. The first thing to thank you for wanting to talk to us this afternoon of digital marketing strategies in this marketing webinar. Thank you for sharing all that knowledge you have about this world of online digital marketing and that is often unknown in marketing strategies and that you will also illustrate with the authority on the internet, specifically in Google (SEO). First of all, thank you for your time and effort in this in this marketing conference. PEDRO AMADOR: Good afternoon and a pleasure to say hello to the AECOP Madrid organizers who wanted to have this online marketing conference. First of all, thank you all for accepting this invitation and joining us in this moment so complicated that we have to live.Thank you very much for receiving me at your home, to be able to see you personally and be with you to tell you some marketing secrets digital and web marketing. Today I want to talk to you from experience. I am an engineer Computer scientist in addition to digital marketing, I give motivational conferences, happiness digital marketing for beginners, the future of digital marketing, etc. I am obsessive compulsive and I share that a year and a half ago I started researching digital marketing. With a lot of knowledge on the Internet, social networks, SEM, SEO, digital marketing, as I suppose many of you, I decided to put myself in first person to improve self-promotion, also improving the AECOP website. I started studying digital marketing strategies and very deeply many things that I am going to share now, with the greatest humility and with the greatest of illusions. I myself admit that a year and a half ago there would have been denied these digital marketing strategies. I hope you like it because I speak from the experience and you will see how things have changed a lot in the digital market. To start talking about online marketing we start with a initial question. Who has the power on the internet today? Now you can reply in the online chat. Use online chat to respond to who you think now has the power in digital marketing. Who do you think has the power of the internet? Now they indicate in the chat that it is the Client, Google, the users, the millennials, comment here. When talking about the digital market, also search engines Google, Amazon, Yahoo YouTube, social networks, a bit of everything … Let’s look at this fun graphic with digital marketing for beginners, I am one of those who personally , I was telling you, that I connected to the Internet at the University Autonomous of Madrid.When the Internet started, it was already there (I’m not saying Arpanet del 75) I mean when the digital world began back in 1996, I have already started using digital marketing strategies. I remember that your browser was the Mozilla of its time no, no, sorry Netscape, the truth is that I AltaVista told us and I don’t know if you remember how the world was before. Messenger, Yahoo, Google. We have seen how everything has been happening, and the world has changed quickly. If you notice in 1998 Yahoo refuses to buy Google for a a million dollars. It was very peculiar. In 2002 Yahoo tried to buy to Google for three million dollars and Google refused. Year 2008 Yahoo se refuses to be sold to Microsoft for $ 40 billion. And then Yahoo! stayed there Google keeps popping up We started to see how Facebook, YouTube, do you remember? How did this go up! Youtube, Facebook was going up … Yahoo started going down and finally in 2016 it was sold Verizon for $ 4.6 billion. Check out how Facebook was growing, YouTube growing, Google started to be a monster. We always talk, it is important, of western culture. Allow me to I’m going to put aside the eastern world (I know there are people who are connected to to Yandex or Baidu), but let’s put that world aside. We focus on the western world that I think we will share and how we are going to see Google grew. These are the website page views per month Notice the madness of Google that later bought YouTube. Facebook out there who bought Instagram. A real madness. How everything has changed in just 20 years. It’s only been 20 years and this has completely changed. And the problem that this is going faster and faster, it changes much faster, each time It goes faster than ever. We have to be prepared, because this is very fast. Now summing up I really like these FAANG + M acronyms there are people who put GAFA (or FAGA) good as you want. If you realize these six companies: Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Google, and Microsoft. We put Microsoft aside and curiously because Microsoft, if you realize it, is more than 25 years old, it is more than 20 years old because those on the left are not even 20 years old: Facebook, Amazon Apple, Netflix, Google, Microsoft, these six companies, These six companies are only six companies out of the 400 companies that have the Standard and Poor’s – I insist Standard and Poor’s which is a US stock exchange they have 400 companies.Well, these six companies moved (in turnover) 15% of the Standard and Poor’s. 15% (capable that now Amazon even more) It’s crazy that there is so much power in just six companies. These companies move more money than many countries in the world. They have the real power. And its objective, do not you I want to deceive, your goal is to … Let’s see if you guess in the chat … money money money CLIN CLIN CLIN MAKE CASH. And here we have the The reality is that today we have Facebook that, as you know, bought from Instagram that as you know also has WhatsApp with which Facebook is the part that we say we carry more social networks identify themselves to that part of Facebook. After Amazon, which is the shopping portal par excellence (we are going to leave to Alibaba in the background). Google you have it there. Google bought YouTube, a monster, and others generates a lots of things. You have (or see) Google Maps, Google Business, there are a lot of things. Google is a spectacular company. Master the searches. Anything that Let’s think about searching, we’ll do it on Google. After Amazon dominates shopping, in case you did not know, Amazon is the third most search engine used of the world. There is Google then there is YouTube and then we have Amazon. It is spectacular what is moving and also they are in the cloud market together with Microsoft and it really is that they move a fortune of spectacular. Then we have NetFlix dominating audiovisual content, and well and there are other agents, not to go into many details Apple, Twitter, Spanchat, Ebay, VK and many others.We have a bit of the important and large companies and now the idea is … How do we make these companies earn money with us? Because if you realize this moves a lot. I am going to give you a real example. I have been thinking for a year and a half how to explain these things and I’m really going to give you an example so that we can understand everything in a simple and know how is this of the internet. Because I, you are going to forgive me, but I give one kick a stone, and everyone is a digital marketing guru. “I’m going to make you a billionaire”, “because you’re going to sell a lot of money” “I’m fantastic” … and then forgiving me are so stupid, or Donkeys, so [ __ ], that they confuse marketing with sales. So let’s try to consolidate the basics. Let’s imagine a restaurant in Paris 10 years ago The question I ask you is how to do digital marketing? Do you want to tell me a little bit in the chat …What people do Ivn says that influencers go for example. We talk about ago 10 years, when the issue of influencers was still not as famous as it is today. Invite known people and with followers on Instagram, social media. Invite acquaintances says another around here. Topics like television. Mailbox. A blog with a very well done sales funnel. Flyers, radio. Word of mouth. Says Nuria says word of mouth. Forums, mailings. Let a movie be recorded, says Alejandra. Articles in the newspaper. Travel Guide. Gastronomy magazines. More flyers with discounts scattered around the street as in the old days. Journals of leisure. Appear in forums, TripAdvisor, banners. Take celebrities. Allow me to simplify I see four groups important. The first idea would be to call as we have done all our lives. We can call or send an SMS (today we would Whatsapp) but about ten years ago we would make a call. Obviously it is not the same call the Prime Minister or a Minister of Culture, for example, to call our neighbor, who may be less influential.That would be the first group is a one-to-one contact and we can do it ourselves, with telemarketing or commercials. The second group are social networks that you actively post on my Facebook wall. Well, Instagram didn’t exist, but that we share on social networks. The third group is putting advertising we could already put advertising on Google, but let’s focus more on the advertising being in a magazine, being in a newspaper, on television, or on a radio.Advertising in large environments is the third point. And the fourth point that you have not said, I think yes I do not remember correctly, this is the one for note. If you realize it, we are in the Michelin Guide. I think that we are all familiar with the Michelin Guide if someone is not, is a fantastic tire guide recommending the best restaurants of the world. Being in the Michelin Guide is a status because you go out there, people already talk about you.Then the Michelin Guide would also be a spectacular thing. Having one star, two or three, would be great. But here comes an important point: to appear in the Michelin Guide, it is not take a photo of my very beautiful facade and put it in the press national weekend in the best newspaper. It is not making announcements in television with beautiful people posing on television. Not. The Michelin Guide goes to your restaurant. Try the food. He goes to the bathroom. Try the service. Ask for the ticket. Talk to the waiters and believe me. If you have a fault that your neighbor does not have … it will better score the restaurant next door. And this is important to understand because it is the best example I have found. in years to understand how the situation is today. I move from the restaurant of 10 years ago to the digital marketing strategies of today. Let’s remember the digital marketing aims to capture potential customers and how let’s do today. As we have seen those four groups what we send today and we see that we have what we have: one the email marketing and WhatsApp. We can send many emails to our subscribed and send to WhatsApp. We will comment a little on this area for how to improve it. Then we will also have the part of social networks where it is no longer like before you could put messages on your wall.Today we have to generate communities, you have to get people to act. The third point is the paid campaigns where we have to learn to micro-segment. We have to use Google AdWords the AdSense to get to reach those people, or those advertisements on television or in the press (they are less and less used). And the fourth point is the Michelin Guide, I call it an authority, (there are people who keep calling it SEO -Search Engine Optimization-, which in itself is another part of the authority) is to get out the search engines number one. We will see that Google requires have authority, requires sharing knowledge, that Google sees you as a Referrer. You have to generate authority. These four areas that he indicated to you are very important in our vocabulary of day by day as entrepreneurs, if we have a business to understand digital marketing. There are 4 areas to reach our potential clients: one is to send an email, or WhatsApp (which we will now discuss), another is social networks, the third is paid campaigns, with micro-segmentation, and the fourth is getting authority in Google and in other search engines.And to be honest, I’ve done a bit of everything. But i’m going to share with the heart, that the market has become so specialized, it has complicated so much in the world of computing, which today is virtually impossible you have to be a Seldon (Big Bang Theory) or be a God, control the four areas of digital marketing.Handling all of them in your concept is almost impossible. That is why you have to specialize in looking for people specialized in each sector of digital marketing. This is like when we have a lawyer the lawyer has a common knowledge but then there is very good that there is a lawyer who is a criminal lawyer who helps you get out of jail there is a labor lawyer the divorce lawyer there are lawyers in different areas and it is important to find the right lawyer agree to believe me in the digital martin it is important to give with the appropriate specialist to help you to one of the categories that we are going Let’s see now there are email marketing specialists periods give me a few kilos and some ideas so that we all have clear ideas first point be careful with having my mind the Pedro body because I have six thousand subscribed to me to my blog or to my group I have six thousand or 20 thousand or one hundred thousand subscribers.The design of this email from a few months ago It is from the dual government, I am living, it is not worth a couple of years and a half and I’m involved because on Sunday the government sends an email and it reaches me Gmail account and it tells me that it is spam well, how boring was he looking the same, I bought my payments and I’m sure I left submitted with duty emails that they expected without spam that happens that sometimes someone sends an Emailing campaign and puts an image like this, you see that give us the image there is nothing there there is nothing that is vulgar or anything but when you see an image the Hotmail Gmail etc.How they want to earn money as that email does not get to read well because it is an image in the background of the law but they pretend they do not spend as a caregiver, what happens you have to have a a lot of knowledge of how to send emails because maybe you have a hundred thousand media sent and only open four thousand because it will take spam if friends that is happening, it is more those who are specialists in these areas of email marketing think about analyzing what words can be by and dangerous in some language for example the word without Russian is a pornographic word and sometime you can fall for spam and you say that I did not know I know are issues that you have to know then look here what a little curiosity that when demand emails with many images you can go to spam here we have an example Well, of the growth hacking balloons of these that we have here, the people who send emails about those who have sold some that are great for those who Now they send emails because they are pure text but text because they ensure that this comes and you are going to tell me Pedro but I want to send an image fantastic thing that I have done because I have been told that this generates a lot of impact good and I am one of those who prefer that the email arrives or that I delete does not want I only want the email to arrive with which the fewer images and elements that get the mail server to spam you or much better Keep this in mind is a small tip that I send you according to saying that I send you this is a tool called text mail in which you can send us an email since when your email account sent and a half for example at home and this tool the text and gives you an email address you do not see what it says here correct measurement is already telling us but send me an email to this address and sale mail mysteries that many 888 with YouTube and sent a mail to that text to that email apostles agree and automatically SMS me answer how is my server.Yes, my server is listed in domain lists bad. If my email is well formatted it is well done and you can reply to me give a note with enough proximity of how my mail server is good to you you will be surprised friends you will be surprised the company is that I have seen that it has a 3rd a 4 when sending emails because I understand it or the administrators approve them by company managers managers do not know about these things ride in a mail sense three years ago four or five agree and then at that moment they told everything very well and goodbye and this is going so fast that uses specialists who audit you and buy them see every so often time or it may happen that your mail server is simply in spam and become invisible although more than 6000 correctly because he serves as mail detects an image or something you don’t like and makes you spam so my friends in the area of email marketing be very careful and second Now with the theme of online chats, WhatsApp nowadays people want be connected to one wants to enter a website and that there is a button where there is already a automatic chat then there are many plugins for web marketing that allow you to put on your website and assist your clients in real time you have to have employees you have to have time or you will already know how to do it because here is a crucial tool I am not new as well as I leave you some references such as Intercom that has online chats and allows you to connect with your users in real time I also imagine you have seen that in Spain the Renfe’s machine that has a virtual assistant or Ikea’s as a A little of everything and in general I recommend if you have not tried already WhatsApp Business for digital marketing and if it is because it works with WhatsApp it is very easy to use and for now it’s free I’m talking about ago a few months I do not know today because this is the tiki-tiki of the machine with which we will see what it can be but anyway I recommend taking a look and going to spend some time watching how WhatsApp Business gets how you can chat how you can make groups start sending campaigns and start doing things Now that you want to be promoted in terms of how he and Emailing, then pass the WhatsApp theme to move to that level and there are a lot of ideas and that taxes and suggestions and what to do because it has a lot I leave you some small tips the subject of email and WhatsApp is to be careful with emails because they can go spam even if users have successfully subscribed to your email tourist mail with spam placed the caesar I have five thousand subscribers what You better get to 100 because you are sending an email with many images In addition, and working on, you can start to think about personalizing emails to the maximum the people who receive an email that has their name on what they are interested in not give the generic thing because if not people get very bored you are users of the internet as I imagine you imagine it and also remember that at WhatsApp Business is a simple and at the same accessible and free method to start catching real will start working with this interaction one to one to go from email to online chat WhatsApp etc.We go to social networks social media social networks and well we have very influential acquaintances who are at home were not going to four videos and we are going to enter communities it is fantastic no good I am going to start with a question that is going to be a bit that is going to be a bit provocative within the strategies of digital marketing.Israel, what are people telling me? The question is, do you think? that Facebook is a social network that responds to have the chat yes or no Do not put a long thing. Something short of yes or no. At the moment there are more yeses than noes. Some no and some say yes not professional Well, he is more winning if he is, but someone from there comes this is your goal and increase now I insist that we can break the molds a bit but academically speaking I already say it very forcefully, we see each other a example because I have all this very thought and studied if in china We say we ask today in China you can express that you answer me yes or no put me to take that corresponds in cinema you can express yourself yes or no well here yes that pedro at the moment flatly there is no one depends on where and is there someone who says no freely or yes with censorship excellent point the reality is that in china you can express yes or yes you how can you be me because tomorrow the square of that miner’s delight and how to put purity now what consequences does it have because obviously there is a censorship, that is, freedom of expression is censored, but expression well technically speaking Facebook is a social network because you are social by definition is a concept you when you have a message you share it as n people several people and concluded a person by definition and it is a network social to look good and you are going to allow the point Facebook censorship in case you did not know it and censorship because if you see this example that is here we are development are the first examples of years ago that I do not know if you have to see the movie of the peculiarity that this woman has put me in the chat what better it seems to us a little is not known if this in digital marketing.What did I do in it? chat Israel someone knew her or not they do not comment on anything like that well they say that the woman who are elbows are indeed elbows although first of all first key to making the breasts is the example that is set academically they are the cones of the woman they are not the breasts well this is an example of censored the image because it had an algorithm which has applied algorithm and thought to advise on the breasts of women because they are not the elbows also that belly that is there to the right because it is a gut Well, of a loss that also had just censored what I did with this is that Facebook Instagram because sometimes it has a censorship filter is They call Edge Rank in case you want to check it.It’s the Edge Rank (of Facebook). I explained this years ago in my classes on digital marketing and digital marketing and people did not believed it. But Facebook has a filter in which he decides for you here comes the message you tell me now but it is that I have my friends and when I post my wall when I put my wall they arrive Enemies error reaches who Facebook considers wanting to reach I will make an example that is important between you you can have a thousand friends put a message and does not reach a thousand friends or on Instagram why because Facebook does For you here friends it will seem more interesting information and it is so radical than Facebook and tries to maximize the time you spend on Facebook by What if you put a message in which suddenly imagine you is likely because I I have not, because I am married, not if I put a message with some women in party plan in Brazil I find that people wanted to comment more as per what good Facebook this is morbid to people maybe comment on it in the novel so if it took several days to put these kinky messages they get hooked on my profile people are provoked to look at these things and that is peculiar because it works like that Facebook social networks try to hook you the longer the better but be careful because it is a disgrace because it is not a group we have this article 13 of the European Parliament that we talked about in the past that forces content companies like Facebook type Instagram type YouTube to check that they are not violated that copyright rights are not violated with which Facebook or Instagram or the joker that we did 10 years ago does not It was cut and you remember that we do not record on Instagram at a wedding according to get our people down with our money One day it may happen that it has Shakira’s music in the background, to mention some person not Shakira David Bisbal or who inquires and can occur in that moment that automatic filter of the algorithm tells you that this video is not available with which care of friends of mine social networks censored by algorithm with which it is no longer true that your message share it as you said they decide that reality and this forces in addition to that there is a concept that is widely used today in which when share a message or generate a clip clip is a cyber to the ground a message shocking and provocative with people no do not respond that message not me for example if I wear this example in my classes for me and when one sees that photo And I don’t know what you imagine, but I can’t, it won’t exist the kit to last scholarship because I see how with the woman he jumps through the ravine I do not know what you think but I am better than doing yoga The ravine has fallen and what is the name of the possibility of writing and they are looking for you now you click and then the best news is one is [ __ ] is silly is a memez but it is already clicked you have already entered what they wanted marketing digital the vegetal neighborhood wanted to capture your click here we have another one current this real newspaper the goal that I read to you Queen Sofia hit by the coronavirus The text of medical control has just been known in La Zarzuela was a headline made like that and it still does not imply that the queen is sick or something true I do not know what you think is looking for in your click and in the background nothing happened that you clicked and agent the news and the news has publicity because in the end they want me like they want to die then friends I am going to teach a good example of social networks a good use of social networks of what it was like to start by using social networks well, because it had thought that social networks today consists of putting 3 watts tree three tweets a week and they are wrong this no longer works today there is a community manager has to be posting daily they put information generating communities has to be continuously because if it is not going to showing up is invisible is already talking to Instagram influences who had 300,000 or 400,000 followers and that they said every time they miss me because or Invest if you put advertising or the social network does not win and you have to earn money because the social network wants to earn money I think they we give an example of powerful that if it has very good use in social networks and if you run actions they require very powerful care and attention Let’s make an example of a person named who goes to a car of the virgin shine 30 like the bird as the viking swinnen in england to a train to one to one day England charter train from London goes to the bar and he tasted a Glasgow and goes to the bathroom and this guy enjoy and stops the bathroom to relieve themselves and there is no toilet paper do not clog the toilet of the Togolese there is not and curiously I think it can generate a bit of grace, curiously, he can’t think of a better idea because I don’t know and this in my times I would have yelled or someone can help this boy Sure, better idea than to put a tweet telling him because I have a serious problem because I’m in the wagon, he’s not 19 he’s the year old and I don’t have the role of the toilet and puts you on social networks because beijing train that he brought and that there is a community manager worked very well detects the message tells you hey in what wagon are you talking about is a real example of ours in no joke from 2014 is a real example and now evidently answered.I am in the wagon and they respond hey we send you someone there and they talk, notice that He responds by saying I have received the paper. public service us to a common use social networks and the company has Hidden these are powerful social networks to interact with users in a powerful way it is not to send three tweets a week that happens that seems a set of tools i knew the founder from a couple of months ago del for 24 hours 24 a tool that connects you to all your social networks you connects everything and allows you to see in real time when they talk about you and when understands you and you can monitor who is talking about you and how you can respond in real time something is happening and they are mentioning you and you can give messages and personalize messages and do a lot of things I insist here the world Much has changed, it is no longer sending three tweets three tweets a week, it is being for the user in real time to pay campaigns of the people he is with speaking ill of you and words right away or people demand things and they are there in the social networks for what they were created for what works with this I give you three types of social networks that I my point of view Facebook is no longer a social network ‘Facebook’ a company that sells data and We also give you the data Facebook installs these are companies to which you we give away the data and that they sell our data as a social network is no longer very about social is a company that sells data and also here it is important that has changed the size it does not matter it does not matter if you say I have a million followers on Facebook a million well you publish a post and you come a thousand because the important thing is not the size of your followers in digital marketing, the important thing is how much interaction your messages produce and that interaction or are you continually posting and building community, and digital marketing community, or new to the planet your community your social network believe me because in return a lot that for paid campaigns that we will now see if you pay well, if you are not invisible and requires time and effort to be on top that is less showed some monster, it’s me, I left it because it consumed my life and finally the scripts are abused a lot this is something that really now with him with the virus that watching clip campaigns you see that they are real reportable because if people put some things and it is to generate a boom people click to share then it is true is that many theories that you They’re claiming this I wish I had time now I can’t explain that when you share bad news, you are more likely to share it than when it is good and because the human is like that then in the end it shares the morbidity share end buttons the idea is to stop this and it is to know use it press it positively paid campaigns I am not a specialist In this area I am going to give you three ideas and we are going to go to the area that I like the most change is paid paid campaigns how important it is to do a paid campaign well invest your money and put a I announce because Madrid is no longer going to depose lawyers and go to my page of Madrid of organs not nor put Madrid trips and that they go so that it gives me the main page has an example but it was in multi life a few months ago when you put this Montevideo tourist trip in Barcelona I insist is of Montevideo in Uruguay and southern Latin America and I got old and I’m still Barcelona and Google knows that I am in Uruguay and automatically to piss on the page of that travel agency and appointment and it puts me Barcelona comes to Barcelona with that advertisement of payment bis there is an advertisement of payment or for they automatically give it to him or with any airline he fills me in and He understands that I want to make a trip from Montevideo to Barcelona. There he fills it for me, he fills it up because I am already a car, buy buy advertising today you have to micro-segment and large public target my target audience is of such age of such sex that they just charged the payroll that Netflix consumes the narcos series but not that of the of the other, not the one that is the public that I want and when the only ones in sales the better themselves in minds and puts that ad and there it will reach the suitable person who induces spectacular meditation in addition now with him with the virus for example the areas very since good they have bid us because not they can fly then some if vital fixes and cheap bowling but General things have changed a lot and returning is an example, look at what It is important to hire someone who also knows the market here I am going to put two examples when you search and promote the word use of online coaching because you sign up for the mega course of the memo digital marketing and it will teach you to place your order online your online training and you go to make gold and you are going to sell your courses online and after becoming a billionaire because I am I am a billionaire You just have to follow my four steps of my Digital Marketing Strategy and with my courses you are going to make gold Well the first thing is that able to be inside very soon and it works very well but today, for example, in a campaign to put an online coaching course in Spain that they make a click to you costs 575 dollars in Uruguay it costs 2 with 22 there an abysmal market difference you have to know which words to use which words They are used that 100 will be extended in a country and that it is in another but that if We put a master’s degree in marketing is that in Spain it costs 17 dollars an ad in AdWords as in Facebook the big one that gives space the one you like the most or the display and Uruguay costs 270 to put on a contrast and that as a change things by country obviously if you put an ad for mate number one in Uruguay will be clearer that Spain has that nobody looks for mate knows life that Uruguayans have no now that you want Caipirinha.It important here for giving you three ideas for not having much that competitiveness here It is very high and nowadays, everyone in digital marketing has their website and it is advertised in all of them There is an extraordinary combativeness. Or you include digital marketing campaigns that guide what salary poster and landing page exactly what to give to sell that to you I will give an example, I am a veterinarian and I speak on the internet because they are These are the Madrid veterinarians with the people between entering my page of discriminate veterinarians that will not do much instead it is a landing page on the landing page that put we put your cat to your cat pointed and to whom they put in the search engine query in the cat care is for my cat my ad is now and that goes to my landing page on how to check the cat care there is the cat and visit us below that we take care of your cat and we do that concrete ad for cats for Madrid for example where we meet Barcelona where best score for looking at inputs that is here exactly cats in Madrid We will have a chance of selling but believe me we will be throwing the money, it is worth It is also that today you already know that consultations are no longer lawyers Madrid people already with the cell phone or mobile phone you liked what is the best lawyer in Madrid, yew locates and Google will answer you if you have to campaigns from people who know what marketing was doing five years ago I do not know how to forgive what is done today, which is why I distrust those people who sell these magical things nowadays it is very important to do things very day to day today and finally you also have to know until bidding because there are very saturated things, you have to know how to bid and you have to knowing how to do the campaign properly and sometimes it can be very expensive towards a I announce what we like our sector but we have to spend the money correctly because if not we overspend on web marketing. These tools have compared to social behaviors, let’s see an example. When one enters into Facebook csar or a very nice little message, he has lived welcome or Jaime did not welcome miguel you just put on you just did your online coaching fan page welcome, why not advertise and you go and gas your first ten euros or 10 dollars in your Facebook online campaign truth and you put them you are also happy and a message appears says new campaign that attacks a thousand people is fantastic and a fantastic day and you I do not know about you as a bit as self-motivated and what this comes from thanks to if you start to do the story of the milkmaid the story of milk – wasp you know the insurance geese all soft happier well second ad you no longer reach 1000 you reach 500 then it starts to sting curiosity there i am going to put a few euros and they are going to manipulate you, they have enough social engineering to manipulate you and get a lot out of you today I am going to explain something to you, a trick that I will explain that we try in the wholesale does not work with these so aggressive companies and that is the wholesale sale because tomorrow with three neighbors of the office bought the Nespresso capsules from our spare parts for the coffee machine imagine we need 100 coffees a day Well, if we compare it to the power of the day, then we would like to buy 100 a day that get together with everyone in the office and buy 500 a day our power of purchase is greater and we can tell you to try the coffee distributor hey that we are 500 years the true discount and we will buy wholesale get together several and we will buy wholesale capsules from Nescaf supplier is more next year if instead of five offices we are 100 because we are both looking still improve the business price improvement true and this we have done all well my friends with Facebook with the most etcetera forget you if this year you spend a thousand euros or a thousand dollars for next year although spend two thousand it is not going to give you double performance it will give less.Unless you contract it with online marketing advertising agencies that buy to kilos and kilos and there may be discounts but in general believe me that are they get the most money from you because it has social engineering because they want win and you win the leader in a spectacular way I’m not going to spend a An example is my website that you are going to see a link to an article where you are going to see an article from a company that cost five years ago to put on glasses in the market it cost him two or three euros and now it has cost him after five years, twenty euros, that is, it has cost them to place a drop of part go from three euros 4 a step in the figure to cost five times more than it has good past because these companies are monsters and every time every time you win more money then that’s why there goes the point let’s go to the fourth point friends means authority that is the authority that comes out first in the search engine I agree the first one you have authority and what happens with Google if you realize Google two years ago or if more or less social networks Google had the plan well it disappeared You can do what happens with Google that said good gentlemen on social networks. lost but now I’m going to take care of when someone searches I’m not going to assure that I answer your search correctly you have to start thinking in Google as the Michelin guide how I do to get out the Michelin guide help of some tips to change our idea because it no longer discounted all of them. in 4,006 something does not lie like a balance in the Michelin guide and if you wonder indie web when we ask to make a web if you do not actively think you get a graphic designer we have passed a marketing company and it says good who is going to see your website sure their administrations have asked well Who if you have a user has this user who was going to see your website is worth it and what some dances usually responds of course my regular client because look is the handsome boy with pet and young man and such is the fantastic girl falls in love no Well, my client is this fantastic wonderful with the puppy that I traced does of course mindfulness has and deep down our regular client like it or not about this save me the big brother in the stories of these things where they hit crimes and I’m sorry Like it, they don’t see it, that’s not a massive cante that they keep seeing me, no, no I see it but there it is we do not think about it 91 suffering victims has this super quantum clock that tells me that the biometric and such a number and there it has its last phone of the imagination not that for many users they have their phone habitual and there are millions of users and then the first point of comment with the authority that you do not forget that one thing is what your young and let’s see what Google sees Google is able to enter your website As in the Michelin guide, I feel comfortable, the restaurant goes to the bathroom if the bathroom doesn’t works penalizes you for example if you have http instead of https, if you are not sure, it penalizes you significantly and if this does not work it is how to not have a bathroom how to not have toilet paper in the bathroom silva toilet paper from 30’s albal paper and there is no toilet paper for more clothes that neglected agree because not having https is a bad drop ‘Google looks at all that, they do not usually of the facade that you put the facade in a advertisement on Facebook or social networks the photo of the restaurant you put it on social networks, it does not smell, enter inside and if you see something you don’t like the hood that is very important be better than our competition I do not know in the first but to be better than the others and then what are you going to do then enter the search engine and seek coaching Aragon executive who comes out even who puts because he puts what he puts if you you realize 20 to 10 years ago they knew 10 results Google put results and there is publicity this changed a lot now is the concept of the semantic voice where the voice that depending on what you want to save one result or another is worth then sometimes they gave us informational results the detects that you are looking for is what is coaching they want you to understand your search intention clearly that all with this word stay with this word already speaks to us of keywords or keywords speaks of search intention Google tries know your search intention and according to your search intention try to give the result that you are looking for information about what coaching is now because I put the Wikipedia with questions that you are looking for information from buy a cell phone buy a cell phone then it puts you on Amazon and it puts you on the Media Mark or to put the return you put on I let you see us products are not Google Business products you want to drink coffee drink coffee because she he puts you on or go to the gym he takes you out the map and tells you what the gym is closer he looks for my intention understands your search direction already from there get a result there are many more examples but we realize that when someone tells me I want to be the first in Google and that in a map in a video in an image in a frequently asked question in what finals that is important this change two years believe me also two years and also the change so much that according to the norm and the intense work of room the cell phone the mobile phone with which that is fanned with what the dt ramn because 60 70 percent of the users regularly with their time on their mobile phone stands proud confident that you see that on your 40-inch front-of-home screen 50 to 60 turn wonderfully how beautiful how new but the web seventy percent of your people see it on a cell phone on a phone mobile that looks fatal and Google is interested in that and if it does not work well well we go.But notice that there are many more authority techniques. and 66 consultations now and you have the phone at hand the cell phone at hand you can look for example how to make video that you have on the phone if you look for how make video I don’t know for sure put it for a moment how to make video makes a example to find it now if you are looking for how to make video this afternoon I think the results come out more or less half the world So forgive me if half the whole world doesn’t come out but I think half the world comes out if you go down almost to the bottom of the first page you are going to see an article puts for Dummies how to make ten-step videos you get do so so that I can see them without the chat yes or they left or this article comes out that put the image here in the chat where he is answering yes but I don’t know if you see that some images true that you can get a menu that metadata that is different information from what the web page is, I have made metadata Google so that it appears there and that captures the user. you put in the brain on the cell phone or on the mobile screen you can value people it really comes out alone but if you put values value people you can put it please look for a moment phone in the guardian value people you can put a little crystals If you enter here what the first or the second knows depends on the country and you will see that be a drop-down below with today’s frequently asked questions below the article that values people and how they respond to you automatically in my article it answers that metadata that is working for Google not working for my screen client on my grandmother or my mom that to see what is very nice that is to work for data is metadata good very fast There is a fundamental tool that must be used a lot. called Google Analytics Google Analytics allows you to see all the visits of your web traffic of your website your clients and such but it is that today in 1010 two years if you want to leave authority and enter Google Search with only Google Search Console is free because nothing and free and when you enter Google will I consulted them to explain the people who are looking for what page they arrive at on your page web and the world environment when you unsubscribe from Google you start to see eat what you like and be careful because it is to see an example I hope you see you see now or not good and let’s do something if you allow me where there is in the chat to tell me one consult ask If the one you want I would like to promote a title, we will import a title from your next post that you could come, someone already comes out of your home dreams in zaragoza the home of your dreams that in zaragoza well let’s give an example [Applause] what happens now google I have done three examples I do not know what will come out I do not know what will come out okay but notice that we are not aware of this aspect but it is right now Google already has one already parses this is a test in real time if it does not work because you are going to forgive but we have operated with a real-time analysis knows perfectly what the subject is and the predicate the verb and it knows perfectly what you are using the entities you mention and of each phrase it is known to say what impact it has on When communicating, note that the first sentence of an impact of a is c4 spot the second bio post for the best home in all of cancer Zaragoza goes up to 0 9 also likes it more I insist Google corrects the missing photographs we have your phase and analyze what impact it has on people Google seed and even the images know what is there is something spectacular I was doing linguistic tests on texts and it is spectacular which can be improved in authority just by changing the title and first description I think I really hope if not then the questions then what are three important points well one thing It is what you want, I want when someone looks for a lawyer, it is Madrid Let the first come out after this what when you dance there is a bit of publicity Well, what people seek to consult the divorce in Madrid and there comes a little bit of here bold planner or intention to search but when we are on authority issues we work to see how you see web youth and when we see as Google had its website, we feed it so that they grow that and that that grows authority ok I could grow authority my website that there were around half a million visits a year which is not bad at all managed to pass four million visits a year in a last year of half million through managing authority on the web without generating a little content a little but not much making up making up what is in the past four who spent 4 million then in authority I will not enter here many a little one, keep in mind which turn you will look at machine your mind is updated with a hp tube cultivating data all with a tube blows because if you do not stop a hindrance has the visibility of some external link supports links are not so important believe me and have authority as a correct text a correct picture a correct image a video correct are involved in issues of authority to evaluate and with this in mind that I am going to give an example of a client of AECOP Madrid and that is the one who is sponsoring this conference that you are watching now good of AECOP Madrid for those who do not know it, It is an association of executive coaching.There are several in Spain, but AECOP is for companies and executive coaching. Thus, if you are a certified coach or you group with that association, you will always be updated with the latest information and important content in the world of executive coaching. He works a lot on the subject of business coaching and making sure that people who have passed a certain degree of certification have a degree of value coherent no then gives a degree of quality to your professionalism and then as a coaching professional, executive had a lot of content inside that section that had a lot of content there were many professionals doing a lot of very good content with a good server or with a lot of things but they lacked the makeup of Google have bet because the important thing is not only to be on the internet but to be have visibility in Google what has seemed like a job we have done during several months in fact we have done makeup of look at the images on the left the post on the right are the same weights we have only changed the image only slightly improved the texts the titles and the content are the same the videos on the right we have made some No videos but as one of the authorities and I insist we have not worked to generate much new content but improve it the brand on the mask the makeup has done many techniques that are syndicated we have used articles we have in a lot of optimization and let’s go to reality quantitative data Look, we have gone from having no impressions to having by multiplying against impressions has not gone from having clicks to not having to have a lot of clicks this is authority this is overall win generate opportunities and this is a part that makes the digital margin generate opportunities I bring people to see on Google if now you look for example boss in Google if it does for example in internet of web marketing. For example, is the boss this is in real time I hope it comes out if you look boss and you will see that here on the first page for example It comes out that an article of Aecop this is authority alcohol carries that is, when I look for a boss, he brings me an article from AECOP that Google understands that that talks about how to be a good boss and that is important and as this word there is a heap this is authority also not only is demo result is seriously quantitative if not any was because we have gone from being in words, then generally, to developing a little more garbage maybe it is a quality seal neither did not say much to anyone if we have gone from having more powerful words such as asking the head coach executive we have to do a lot both in quantity and quality is a authority work that allows my content to have visibility and now if you allow me, what is out there for AECOP Madrid can be tacos the person who later when she is a twin this visibility because it has very important what is it that rises when it goes out of visibility we have done marketing to interrupt you is that I had deactivated the audio by Israel until we love you very good good continue your site you are pedro please for minutes I will comment on the example that we have applied thanks to Pedro Bueno as has been commented pedro has done a very powerful authority work on the page web of duty and as it is seen as it is a fundamental leg within the digital marketing any company business without an authority worked we are not doing well then now the important thing that we have done apart from the authority all the authority strategy we have implemented is monetize all the work that has been done then what we have done is in the blog that we have articles we have implemented a sales panel in that sales panel what we do good Many of you will know what a sales panel is so that you do not know is to capture contacts or what is called digital marketing today leads that you have heard so much and let’s say informing by heating those contacts to take them to our committed and in our case that is the objective was therefore to adhere more people to our association to become partners then we have conjugated what this panel is with all the global strategy that it has implemented Pedro you can see the example of the panel that we have implemented on the website because if you enter any of the articles if you want to show it pedro if you enter any of the articles from the boss to anyone so that you can see an example that in digital here has managed to gain authority and when people entered the article if people liked like the article then below if people like the title then below then here where little by little if you spend exactly this is the entrance to a sales panel what we are really doing is giving away a service in this case of your netbook is all as very chosen because precisely you can see the title what is the panel you are thinking of starting your coaching business but not you know where to start is an aid at the marketing level in this e-book simple but it is a front door so then what we do is take them to a landing page where we discuss all the advantages of becoming partner then within that panel would go from that landing page to another landing page which is all the advantages of alcohol certification and in turn is accompanied by a sequence of emails which are not really a sequence of emails over time expressly for sale what we are providing is valuable content like everything we are implementing on the website and based on those emails we are informing the contacts until at the end, then with the information of what we are providing them as they are getting to know the Advantages in this case of our objective is that they are associated with AECOP Madrid no then that is a way like so many others I am commenting because a little example that we have implemented in AECOP there are other ways that we could be here for the entire webinar commenting on other ways to monetize but it is let’s say the assembly that we have done first of all the work that has Peter of Authority implemented with let’s say a strategy that we have chosen for monetization of person who has a little remember that it is not incompatible that you can keep doing and Emailing and doing and advertising For example it is on Facebook or Google at fifty euros here is the result if the question here is, I have chosen to implement the panel in two ways or through Facebook chats or Google AdWords which is a way of entry because we advertise let’s say this first page that you are seeing in screen or directly by organic when we talk about organic is just the opposite of organic duck campaigns is based on all the work that we have become the authority for capturing the website traffic already what we have seen also leads to this panel because I have quite extracted with the results back from implementing the panel in social networks but we have realized that the data is being something better or much better once the panel has been implemented within its own web page process because the people who land here on the page of the AECOP are precisely people who either have a certain attraction to the coaching is somehow interested in the content of the page so let’s say that it is no longer cold traffic but it is already video so we are seeing the truth we are seeing good results through funk thanks paco we continue I would tell you what I convey to you is that when you write to someone who is on the web and in your article and there are letters the email that is the user who to make already be more committed to you than when it has come to you for an advertisement but finally from that we will see a point to an interesting point that would be to share I am going to explain you the digital marketing portals It is worth for those of you who are davis like me that I am a bit of me there they say that page pedro amador dotcom digital this article is worth that you can check when you want that it is updated because I eat good as good agent of authority I update it here you have that article updated with a little summary what we are seeing today is worth here you have it in this article is the page I remind you that if you want the one that if you want the presentation send me a WhatsApp and I will send you the PDF right away. file that you see here is the digital marketing itself because the question is that I want to be honest to erase from the head what they sell you for internet that they sell you that you subscribe to an online course that you pay 20 dollars and then you forget and it makes you a billionaire who only sells many and They are very good by the way but the reality is and I want to be honest it is How do you start today? It has given me still some results. immediate or I eat my body and I want to mediate tomorrow if you want tomorrow sell do not complicate life worth design in some landing pages that are powerful that are as I said veterinarians for the cat veterinarians for the puppy and veterinarian for the hamster is worth and do paid campaigns if you want to support yourself on social networks or the email marketing but if you want immediate results go to paid campaigns the ceo will not work for you no matter how much they tell you they will do the SEO or the perfect authority will not work because It takes a little time and we like it or not, it is a cycle, it is an investment. that tomorrow you are going to do it and you will drop the cash the cash the cash and how do you I have said each time the first point second may cost you a little more point you tell me pedro quiet I have time and I have content at 7 Tip is you have content but I have time to forgive myself I have time to second question is does it have is content you have at least 10 pages 20 pages because then it’s ready and they made me a web page you put me on some digital marketing links, of things and without content I want to sell a lot And you who are looking for the people that you contribute with the people for Google good I know that you are looking for where you are looking to hire a lawyer in front of you, maybe there is 25,000 bloggers who do tricks on how to hire a lawyer that on Google is well ahead because they know that they are better advice than you than you your Girona lawyers although it is closer, careful with respect to the seven questions but you have content and if you tell me if you feel a question you have a Very large catalog to see is not the same as the one who is right which has my three veterinary products from the cat in the puppy and of the chimpanzee of the hamster is worth because if you sell 10,000 products how can be Amazon it can’t be Carrefour or it can be Walmart or it can be more like It may be someone who cares that there the authority issue is very different and there are real colleagues I know who are programming geeks and that program like crazy and make you a good act and eat spectacular you have to cut a seo specialist in large websites because they are going to do a digital marketing work oriented to mega products but if it is not the case the notorious digital experience that your articles describe them helps you to manipulate it pop update them continuously because it is no longer about both in publishing an article week but I for example now helpers published three a week now I publish a powerful one a month but updates the past and that helps me to continue generating traffic with the old ones and the ones that Google likes the most power and the that they don’t like them because maybe they are bad people I like there are a lot competition let them die or reused them from time to time when this is different the world changes completely if you don’t want to generate content because your video intake says write items if you want to take photos and is to do nothing do not apply for me AdWords and Adsense pay and your money goes to those for life campaigns and if you do not want to pay and want to generate content then work in generate content, articles, videos that are no longer valid when we generate a video when a video has authority is no longer valid when you make a video if the discount when it is a video for YouTube will not start saying hello to me My name is Pedro, I am an engineer and I will be present for twenty seconds because the people have already passed you a video on YouTube if you want know what is important when making your asparagus cream this video you will like it and there for demanding is your music folder in your 59 seconds you have to clearly capture attention so that people see your video on content in authority changes completely is not what was done 5 years that our buildings are seen not now is wants is to capture do you want to do the best chocolate cake is had to taste do you want to put order in your life is fine you will like to capture with that and then when you work in authority and they generate that work content when you will not work against the authority usually implements your website in 13 months you can make a WordPress you can do it in WIX you can do it in php in Django and whatever you want there is discussion of tastes what you want and you have to bear in mind that if you do not work in the Currently there are two friends you will like it, no matter how much they sell the seo you will like it It is going to cost you that the traffic you are going to generate therefore payment for or payments in advertising and web tickets if not the organic traffic that you are going to organize special bases to be 10% that is brand traffic when they look for your brand they will find you now if you do a serious authority work where you are going to generate content they do not visit this way important things because here we must try to make our content at the end little by little beat Google to walk in the end it will be necessary to invest a little bit of publicity advertising because if not we will be invisible but we can talk to the time in the end Google succeeded me in authority and in those words that we are going to appear will end up appearing and we will generate then we will work to generate content and improve the sound not we will work to put the madman capable of crucial that for him capable of some time but generally people make their content and from there what we will act on to get customers and what is important that we try It is important that we have, I insist, here I have given a class about this, it is that there is three levels content management of we will generate videos articles photos what that it is that we generate a step second step our digital marketing that the digital marketing whatever they say Marketing only generates opportunities. Marketing does not sell. I’m from the course where you again sells a machinists course and tomorrow the digital margin is the billionaire marketing does not sell marketing generates opportunities who sells is the commercial as an unassisted or assisted sale 20 assisted as in the case of if you have to sell a missile and I tell you to work in software companies like Infor, Baan, Microsoft when people grow up you don’t go to a missile manufacturer and you tell him not to put your e-commerce platform send your email and you are going to sell missiles alone or you sell trucks are the new gentlemen A truck is sold online you can see is that to have authority but A truck is sold one by one, a commercial is needed but the mind does not say coach and many times it requires having a free first session a first contact or something that you know a video that the sales know you assisted then after digital marketing you can do as I said Well, in social media ads or create an authority on Google paying advertising we go to the sales cycle that has been explained by paco when have captured an email from the user has passed a sales cycle and helps other sales cycle a total cycle is not captured that the interested party was used when In the end, he gets hooked on you, I buy you and in the end, be the one that the marketing recommends. digital helps you win opportunities, but then you have to do a sales cycle hears that it is ideal to have everything integrated I do not know but already a month a year because I have had clients who have done a very good marketing campaign digital but later in its internet portal on the e-commerce platform the payment gateway that that duck party has the operation of sales then of course maybe you your investment in drive has been fantastic has been wonderful but your town works before commerce my friend care has been taken with this I want to be clear for one thing is that we know position ourselves with authority with advertising with social networks or with jazz or the other but we have to send there are already friends of mine that is for another course because today what today in these four areas here today as did the tinku the title was how to promote and position oneself on the internet in 2020 and I Really friends, I hope you liked it, there you have a little my resume. engineer I have a master’s body of dam from my blog has made four thousand visits in the past I love the internet we will keep it myself and also happiness motivational lectures a lot of things a lot of people knows about coaching topics through books and such but I too are in my blood the mental internet I hope you liked this that we have been able to share I have used authorized projects projects if you need help you need anything send the wasabi we can think to talk and if this is a market totally different to format your head to what it is explained and I hope you liked it, I thank AECOP here, I have seen More than 150 people connected in real time for me is an achievement. I really appreciate that you have been inviting me to your house and now if not there is more problem I have all the time in the world so that I can answer all the questions you want I’m going to try It is shareable screen to see the chat because I want to see what is available see if I can do it and talk about digital marketing on the Internet.I’ll take you away, it’s perfect I don’t have the less is perfect perfect but I have written well, first of all, thank you very much because you been a super interesting talk I think you’ve been through for the most important in terms of digital marketing and super interesting I had some question that you have noticed during his talk I am left with some that has been I do not know if maybe it is too much concrete is worth to-to you are telling us there have been several people when you have talked about the data peta that asks all the metadata that you have talked about Google then positioning where you want to appear if the search engine In images that you want this of the metadata is not seen and you can clarify them a little worth you have to look for structure of Google data structure and there you will get something already because I have seen the question if if you are looking for structure this structure is in Google here I am going to share a moment here my desktop so I can here is one tool who wants to navigate through this that you enter data doctorates here in Google excerpt from cover testing tour you search in Google starter stage testing tour and here when you put any website you want ok Google will come to fruition first and will tell you if it has structured data This is get out of the scope a bit but as you can see here on my website you see a a lot of things are worth if we put here for example one of my articles which is live for example this is a source of life and as from my articles so that see a little bit a concrete example of my feeling what is here and what happened I can ask the director of Google what I have here in others shuttered and Google will answer me, I insist it is a specific plugin that putting that structure is investigating has me start to commit but there are event people recipe data structures is the last base not many details of the virus kit item events for it I have the article and I am for Google that this is an article and the Google system how is the photo how is all this information if I know nothing fantastic salads as well as everything will depend if your neighbor has it but if he does not have it then he will put it in front of your neighbor that is, it is like that I am constant is an example if you seek to earn a living then if you go for example you have this because we have quite a few posts what you see here these are so as not to know precisely the subject of the moment, the demo does not come out because this It is the dream on that Pedro I hate you and I’m going to this comes out now well you see here these are structured meta data I insist here has left a web you have here the web the starter 6 Google This is what it is about and you can consult it in the presentation that is your Diego the link that they have asked the link that LinkedIn is from Microsoft do not forget He is an executive network executive and it is the approach you are going to do for Facebook but more professional is fantastic but remember that it is advertising that in Facebook, like LinkedIn or Twitter, forces you to be posting daily to be a LinkedIn influencer and it costs quite a bit and it forces you to on LinkedIn, for example, there is something we know that is calls exist or have social The Social Selling Index (SSI) You can try it and here it will give you what our ratio is, your ratio of presence for LinkedIn as far as what you are important is on LinkedIn with which you have to have many contacts you have to be posting like crazy in many groups you have any weight if you want to be a influence of LinkedIn but as advertising it is the same as Facebook Google apps for my advertising microsegmentation [Music] if your client is a LinkedIn executive perfect if your client, although it depends on people who look at us LinkedIn if you client is as said a veterinarian you have to go to Facebook because well a little you have to learn to segment and it is a world like everything more questions updated articles and papers is worth if you updated on any publication I can take care of going to a publication I am going to be with sol de Ok, I’m going to be this article here, I’m going to do with sun, if not you have is with you can only install since it is essential and it is also free I’m going to be in the sun and I’m going here to the report and the specific product Well I can see the evolution of my entire web period ask today specifically the page the river wants specifically on my website this page of concrete that is the and the last months and tells me for that page for that page what words we are when the people with which to fix those tests is the word reflection expression of life because I see people they like it a lot I go and For example, I have now made a coronavirus page the other day ok and you can check here you can check here if you enter my blog you will surely like it is a very nice page no I would know how to show a real example so that you can see it, enter here and I see an article by my blog is worth here you see economic choices worth if you look here you will see that an article is here made here because I like to write enough said that well I this article has mounted well how is this article had time but stellar with fixed habits was published a few days ago and he told me that he saw in it So it’s not what I want it’s what he wants to see It is not that I want everything to be found, it is very complicated but notice that if you google lessons I am doing this with friends in real time and you are looking for images this year in real time I do not know if it will come out, you look for images if I look for my name by day by day we have moved this changes in real time a lot global this is much more real once 66 luck but with the good example because I have lost here okay I have lost here but people and let’s value again if we use value, look at the value of the word to value to value that the generic people notice that it came out I have authority with that word and you It seems silly I have between 300 and 500 kits a day when they look for the images authority consists of texts images videos Google Maps all what is important to me and when you gain authority in Google you have to win everywhere ain’t me some fantastic titles neighborhoods then it is important to update your articles with what to Google seems important to you and playing with it for a few months until you get to important I have a degree we moved to Uruguay I lived in Uruguay about years I have improved in Uruguay I greet all my companions of place for me Uruguay is my home I live for a long time of the year and here you see here it appears here It is worth living or working in Uruguay because this asset that is here it’s done a few years ago it’s ok and i update it every month or every two months at 25 minutes 10 minutes this article is worth because I change the population or I change selections I change something this article takes me to 300 visits a day to me to my website then something is not good is all traffic that powers a web then the important thing is to detect that in Google in your website and write more about that and promote it ok the good thing is that you remember that the authority is not only not only is it includes remembering that we are on YouTube ghetto is also encouraged and seeks to live in Uruguay Well, notice that this video is mine, it was made five years ago It is 5 years this you see this is a clip 20 this of this lady here so nice that she gets out of it and she is going to give something is a clickbait uses the clickbait technique very well or to be careful with that because then maybe this video is a bit pretentious and maybe this will not It interests but notice that this video of mine is from 5 years ago because Google follows me putting because the message is good it is well made up and there are a series of techniques well used for Google to give importance on that you ask a immense advance from Medelln Colombia from the creator Israel that is a question that I do not skip many things, well, if there were any question related to this update now he commented that he updated what was updated from the poles and you wash little to resolve the current some date some relevant content you do not put any more paragraph in the background true to the follow-up update the information to see it is necessary to detect that there is news that can be simply We have done the book signing in the house of the book of the day as it is news from your blog, maybe even better than me, on a blog of eight hundred news If you want I can show you that in the blog I have 800 news about him desk now they will be my desk on the desk now yes no me my desk myself I have eight hundred news items that I manage specifically to authority level pretty good and somehow tasked me with update day by day and 8 very excessive follow-up to Google of what of what It puts day by day and I see it exported day by day for each month for each day I see what goes to what he likes I buy it day by day and I see even though I go up in that down well look I am going up in this there are topics that are that they are seasonal because summer is summer and winter is winter because there are queries that depend a lot on adaptation which pages are most viewed to from all that I am analyzing everything because it is what I do with my authority clients I keep updating it and I tell my clients the same my blog that I use as a reference which one is using more than Google frames more clicks in which more growth in when that is click that I’m living post things as I am seeing because I have decided I am feeding them more I am going updating or if they do not have a well they no longer have visions and they are old I better go and what a post from five years ago does is that it has lost quality Well, I re-post it and I take it back to post it again, that is, no longer I write so much it is worth very well because we are closing there one last question that I had, what do you think of the fact of Alexa and all this of listen to us on the phone and then advertise us, I don’t know if the Alexa theme and all this there already centered you do not want to comment because it has There have been several questions, well, you are going to personal the search engine to me. I am going to give you an example of what is important is important to be updated if you realize 23 years ago we started with voice searches so it was very important that when You said I want to study coaching, okay, 23 years ago I have commented the clients we have people with quite large who like Google Google el cid and a leche what you want the word detected well because it grabbed and then it was good to label the article with 28 variations of rage coaching by coaching 55 chi and putting many tags in the article I remember because that made Google like I did not know very well how to interpret the voice because it put a little chachita, it seemed that and you remove the stain your article goes val and that a few years ago when I did not know much better when he sees that to do it because he was not dedicated to putting the label crazy forum with deviations from the words we used to voice today since last year Google understands and Amazon also understands the profession the semantic field is an example of texts and corrects texts and knows and that someone puts you when you say it is coaching and from put you meant coaching so now the voice search is fundamental it is important to use being with sun to see what people are looking for and work on that when there is a article I go to Google and see what phrase it says and where I start until They arrived they use that article when they give me set phrases I put them in the text according to discretion it is not a question of putting suddenly a paragraph of 28 words let’s make lives there no no because you you are going to see how in Argentina they are very trucho or pirate, but it is about putting those little ones to open yourself freely in the texts in a that it was called ok raiting that Google likes and Google detects every time of that so that helps you a lot and it is surprising the effects that we can follow, continue but hey then nothing if you like, let’s go, we’re closing again thank you for this time and the generosity you have had subscribe to the channel to be more informed do not forget to visit to discover a new way of see the world and learn more about digital marketing strategies

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