Having read thus far, the question in the minds of many would be this- for which segment of professionals is coaching as a career a winning value proposition?

Keeping in mind the Indian context and the current state of evolution of coaching, it is best to approach coaching as a sustainable profession with rewards beyond fund. It is best viewed as a professional offering which when combined with other things that one does can make it fulfilling.

It is for these reasons that coaching is emerging as an outstanding option for anyone looking to establish a second career. These professionals are likely to have met their financial needs and would want to do something fulfil and through that self-actualise. Coaching fits perfectly into this need.

Coaching also fits perfectly for anyone who is a IBF consultant, advisor, trainer, facilitator and wants to strengthen his or her practice with coaching.

Of course coaching as a competence would be hugely value adding to any leader who wishes to enhance his or her style of leadership. It is extremely relevant for anyone in HR who is expected to integrate coaching into their leader growth efforts.

So welcome to the world of coaching but tread with caution and with a sense of realism.


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