Why Book Dr Rajeev Gupta for your Event?

If you are planning a business conference or event Dr Rajeev Gupta will help ensure it’s success. As an acknowledged business expert, he will help your delegates to make business simple, to focus on the truly important issues, achieve sustained growth and, most importantly, enjoy the journey.

As an experienced, accomplished, professional international speaker and acclaimed business growth expert Dr Rajeev Gupta, MBA, MD, DECC brings to his events - whether they are Keynote Speeches, Seminars or Masterclasses - a deep understanding of business, an uncanny ability to make business simple and the instinctive skills to connect with and challenge your audience.

His programmes are thought provoking and entertaining, laced with real-life stories, anecdotes and humour and with a high take away content. Your delegates will leave stimulated, enthused and with the tools to take immediate action.

Dr Rajeev Gupta - The Expert Business Coach

Dr Rajeev Gupta has done a lot of in-depth study of why people do what they do. He has tried to understand the mindset of a person. he has understood the neuro pathways and we know most of us are on autopilot for a proportion of time. Due to his prolonged study and experience in medical field being a doctor and subsequently a business mentor for Virgin Group and a diploma in executive and corporate coaching, he has become a unique person who can add so much value to the top people in business. He do the top executives and board, however he is not shy to help small businesses. Rajeev has built himself as a global authority on building successful organisations, on business, sustained profit growth and on entrepreneurial success.

Severeal CEOs, business owners, leaders and others have achieved transformational change as a result of listening to and working with Rajeev Gupta.

He has received several awards and has been featured on Television including BBC and other national TV stations in Europe. His legendary, inspirational, thought provoking, entertaining and content-rich keynote speeches, seminars and masterclasses are consistently cited as the catalyst for dramatic business improvement by delegates on four continents.

Dr Rajeev Gupta is ranked in the top 10 of Management and Strategy Speakers worldwide. 

Dr Rajeev Gupta Works With Top Organisations

He works with several top businesses and organisations including blue chip organisations like Citibank, Telekom Malaysia, Adams Foods, Danaher, Steria, Ducab, Barclays, GfK, AirMiles, Vistage, MCB Bank, Aggreko, Media Corp, YPO, Rolls Royce and UBS as well as charities, family businesses, academia, small and medium  enterprises, incubator businesses and start-ups.

He has also worked with the Executive Council of Royal Colleges, British Medical Association, Health Education England, Faculty of Medical Leaders and Management, Virgin Group, as well as several businesses in Europe, Middle East,  Civil Service and the National Government.

Leadership and Business experience

Rajeev Gupta is an accomplished award holder professional with 27 years experience. He has been a consultant in health service and created several innovative projects. He has also done Triple Accredited MBA from UK Open University Business School and a qualification in Executive and Crporate Coaching to gain the business side experience. He has been an entrepreneur and has several projects on fire and has also been Business mentor for Virgin StartUps. He has then been a CEO of Eintel Organisation and has been asked to Chair the International Business Federation. International Business Federation connectsthe businesses acrioss the globe and help the businesses to develop foot print in other countries and scale up the business. He is multi-talented versatile man. He has helped business intelligence  programme and is very keen on developing emotional intelligence in business executives. 

He has written the book "Business Use of Emotional Intelligence " which is used widely by top business man and women. The book can be fetched from amazon https://www.amazon.co.uk/Business-use-emotional-intelligence-Emotional/dp/1482621754


Hire Dr Rajeev Gupta for Keynote speech and business coaching 

The rules of success are changing with times. It’s not the cards you’re dealt it’s how you play the game. Dr Rajeev Gupta Master NeuroCoach and Emotional Intelligence Coach will help you achive your personal , professional and business goals. He is however amazing keynote speaker and will leave your audience spell bound and more knowledgible in smallest slot of time. People have nothing but the praise for Rajeev and you must hire him to have first hand experience.