Being able to identify with the other party that is part of the interaction is simply something that is considered normal and in fact comfortable, therefore choosing or creating a suitable yet attention grabbing profile and appropriate picture to be featured is very important.

The Way You Present Yourself

The following are some of the reasons as to why this may be considered necessary by most:

 As everyone wants to make a good first impression this choice should be given due consideration and be well thought of. The profile picture says a lot about the individual without even having to actually view the written material posted therefore it is very important to capture the attention of the viewer at the very onset of viewing the profile picture. As this profile picture will be viewed by anyone and everyone the choice made must be one that the host is comfortable with. However there is always the option available to change it periodically though unless this is an expected trait of the host it may end up causing more confusion than interest.

 Featuring other elements like logos is also a good idea if the said logo is self descriptive or well known; otherwise this is not a good item to use on the profile. Unrecognizable elements usually do not command as much attention as recognizable ones.

 Keeping the profile picture as simple as possible is also advised as that the element of easy recognition and connections is evident. Thought the element of consistency is sometimes considered boring it can also contribute positively when the profile picture is easily recognized.

 The profile picture chosen should in some way impression upon the viewer the type of endeavor about to be viewed. Therefore it is prudent to judge carefully the perception that the choice will create and eventually the appropriate choice will be made.