Trying new things is always encouraged as it often comes with new insights into old thoughts and ideas. This exercise can often be very refreshing and inject some well needed zest into tired relationships especially when the journey has been particularly difficult. Though trying new things is definitely encouraged, doing so with a little consideration for the other parties feelings should be a conscious concern.


One of the main reasons people often fall into a rut is because of the element of habit forming. When habits are formed and individuals get too comfortable within the “zones” the other parties connected to the relationship may feel negative elements of neglect, being taken for granted, boredom and many other similar and detrimental manifestations.

Having routines are good yet being inflexible and intolerant especially when new things are suggested could result in a lot of ill feeling both with the individual and with others.

Making the effort to discover and list new and possibly suitable things or ideas to try can be quite exciting if done in a non threatening fashion.

This can inject life into a relationship that may be facing mundane routines. It can also help to make the parties involved feel valued and important. When this is done the list should then be attached to a check list so that the actual accomplishment of each new item can be recorded.

As the check list shows more positive results, the motivation levels will increase to try even more new things and ideas and this will help to create a heightened sense of excitement for all involved.

If one is so out of touch due to the habitual behavior patterns followed, using tools such as surfing the internet, reading magazines, talking to people can all bring forth ideas of things to try. This is especially beneficial as the positive results have already been experienced by those recommending the ideas.