One of the most effective treatments for addiction that involves personal behavioral problems is one on one counseling. This type of treatment gives the patient privacy and confidentiality and more freedom to express themselves without fear of public scrutiny and humiliation.

Face to Face

The foundation of all effective treatment for medical conditions is the personal application of the appropriate approach to the specifics of the individual’s medical or psychological needs.

This type of treatment is specifically catered for one on one counseling.

Counseling techniques would include active listening, body language, psychotherapy and expressing one self. These therapy sessions are private and confidential between the patient and medical expert.

It becomes easier for a patient to express themselves and for feedback on feelings and emotions.

There is an exception with gaming addiction as the therapist or counselor needs to understand the video games to be able to treat the patient.

They have to understand why the patient might be fixated on a certain character or certain level of the game to be able to relate to the patient’s addiction.

That means it is much harder to treat a gaming addiction than other addictions as there are hundreds of games on the web in comparison to alcoholism or drug addiction. Each game has its unique features and characters.

For children with this addiction, therapeutic boarding schools and wilderness camp will be ideal to get them off this addiction and start experiencing the realities of life.