Adding friends and business contacts or even prospects to the contacts listed in the individual’s email lists through the Google tools will then facilitate the first step in reaching out to the possible interested parties for further interaction. Then by “dragging” the contacts listed into the correspondent circle the connection is then begun.

Stay In Touch

This will ensure all those who are interested in the common platform being posted can be alerted to participate. It can also function as an encouraging avenue for those who might be deemed as interested parties or perhaps interested prospects to be take the opportunity to be involved at some level in the posting.

Upon returning to the home page, the sharing of information can begin within the circle of participants previously acquired. Here updated information can be listed and the interactive exercise can be launched.

Being able to reach out to the interested individual this way will also create the comfort and security that would not only encourage participation but also facilitate it.

Inviting the interested individual to view the latest and relevant information would also be encouraged and this would in turn show the level of commitment the host has to encouraging the eventual participation of the interested party.

Networking this way would enable those on similar wave lengths to stay connected and current in whatever was happening in their field. New ideas and content can also be shared and discussed in an interactive manner which would provide even further excitement to the whole endeavor. Often the follow up exercise is not properly or seriously done and this could result in a loss.