Would you like to design more interactive and engaging meetings, workshops and group sessions that generate ideas and innovation? In this practical & hands-on workshop you will will experience high-impact creative activities that work for a variety of group sizes at different steps of the innovation process. You will learn how to use trusted techniques and new tools to more confidently, actively, and successfully facilitate others in creating ideas & communicating innovations to act on. At the end of our experience you will get to design your own mini innovation session using the tools and activities…and facilitate it to generate ideas for a challenge you want to focus on.


In this speed networking inspired event, you will be facilitated through quick, one-on-one conversations that could lead to new solutions, knowledge, resources, and collaborations. Share a new innovation you are fostering or a challenge you are working on, and get insight from fellow participants. This is an innovative, interactive approach to networking and co-creation, designed to focus conversations and catalyze relationships. Experience how this activity is done so you can lead it yourself in your own group!