Confidence For A Promotion


Asking a promotion may be difficult. This is because you need to found that you have the accomplishments to handle the new position and that departing your current job won’t negatively bear upon your boss or company. The trick to success is readiness. Here is how.


First of all write out some memos. One should list what you will do and accomplish in the beginning ninety days of your new line of work and the second will explain how you will help the person adopting your old job. You may prefer to maximize your probability of getting the promotion by having an acquaintance or some of your loved ones view and edit these memos prior to presenting them to management.


After this is to think about timing. Be sure to drop clues as soon as you are set up for the position and dispersing the word informally.


Now produce your pitch. You would like to discuss your pursuit for the position and your skills with your supervisor. If the supervisor points out that they would like to look outside in order to develop a fresh approach mention that you’ve a fresh plan of attack. You may either present the new plan of attack at once or offer to draft a memo with your fresh ideas for the supervisor the following day.


Now if the supervisor mentioned that he/she requires you where you are, be sure to offer to help train someone to be your successor. You may want to have a couple of persons in mind and mention their names along with why they would stand out in the position.


If the person offers you the position without a salary increase bring up that you’re flexible and interested in the job for the long-term. In addition to that ask for a recap in 3 months or so and discussion of salary based on what you achieve in those 3 months.