Mighty Precepts


Here are mighty precepts that will lead to success, good health and joyful relationships.



Most of what we get in life is the consequence of our notions. You’re virtually — what you think you are. But what do you believe correctly? Look around you. Often, much of what we think is invisible. Several times we accept others notions without question, believing without recognizing why.



Several times, we are our own greatest enemy. We’re not cognizant of the might, the intelligence and the “awareness” that is within us. Our biggest challenges — whether they’re prosperity, relationship or health challenges — may be addressed in a more beneficial way. Learn to free yourself of the detrimental self-worth instilled at an early age or accepted as fact by going through failure in some form.



Inspiration is food for the soul. We don’t necessarily lose it, but we certainly feel regenerated, restored and re-energized and our spirits get recharged as inspiration is part of our every day life. Inspiration is the one accelerator that will guide us through the forest of disputes into the sunlight of success.


The Present

The most potent time frame is today. Your might is in the present, not in regretting the past or being anxious about the time to come. Your strongest power is in the present day in and day out. Regardless how dark your past or how unsure your future may appear, determine how to utilize the correct power of the present to redefine the past and to make the future better.



You forever have choices. It’s been said that our one and only job in life is to make choices. Ascertain how to decide what’s correct for you. Find how the selections we make dictate the results and reality we see and the adventures we’ll bump into.



Somebody once stated, “If you keep doing what you’ve been doing, you’ll keep getting what you’ve got.” The only lasting affair in life is change, as without change there’s no maturation. Discover the secrets for utilizing modification to your benefit. Discover how to grow, develop and create your own winning future.


Giving and Receiving

What do you contribute, what do you receive and are you suitable to receive? There’s a famous affirmation that says you give, so will you receive.  Find the atom-smashing power of how and when to give and receive.


Action and Inaction

There are occasions when the finest action is no action at all. At other times, despite what you do, the outcome will be equivalent. Determine “When to hold , when to fold , when to walk off and when it’s time to get out.” Timing is everything – Learn to be cognizant of your best time.



You, literally, are who you consort with. Discover how to find and be in the presence of those who on their worst day are always better than the best the ordinary person on a good day. Discover how to draw the company you would like and how you’re able to benefit from their influence.