Honesty Truly Is The Most Honorable Policy

Once you link up with an internet dating service, you are seeking that special someone that you are able to like…even perhaps come to love. That person is looking for a person that they may like or even perhaps love.  What you aren’t searching for is a girl who would like your best friend or your thought of what the perfect man looks like or speaks like or thinks like.  So, in order to discover the correct person for you…and they are out there…you need to be totally honest with yourself about yourself when authoring the online profile, during the dating procedure and on the far side of that.

The most beneficial way to start writing your profile is to cautiously analyze your past human relationships.  What was correct?  What was incorrect?  What things truly made you like the last person?  Which did not?  Don’t assume that simply because you despised that the last person you were in a relationship with was so altogether self-absorbed that they couldn’t see anything else, that you’ll be able to overlook that quality this time. You will not.

If you aren’t tall with a killer body to be proud of, don’t claim to be.  If you are a barkeeper, don’t claim to be an attorney with a six figure income. If you are forty going on fifty, don’t pretend to be thirty something.

Remember, the theme here is to discover someone who will like you precisely like you are. If you’ve lied in your profile, the 1st face-to-face meeting will take away all their doubt that you are a prevaricator…and probably a cheat, also.

In conclusion, once you’ve found a person that you believe may be the one for you, for golly sakes, terminate your membership to the net dating service.  After all, you recognize and they recognize that net dating services are specified for those who are looking…not those who have discovered someone or been found.