5 Tips to Build an Impressive Personality


Everyone wants to have a personality with which they can impress other people. Our existence is all about being what we are and still being liked by people. However, we must realize that we aren’t perfect as we are. We can actually never be perfect, but there are ways we can implement in order to get closer to what people want of us. If we want to build an impressive personality, we have to fit ourselves within the expectations of the people that we encounter, and then some more.


That might seem intimidating to you, but if you are just starting out with your aspirations to develop a better personality, then there are some simple things you can plan on:-


Lend an Ear to Everyone


People will constantly tell you of their opinions and give you ideas. Never mow them down. A person with an impressive personality is always a good listener. Make sure you hear people out, and then take it from there. Just like you like it when people hear you out, others want that too.


Don’t Give Out Too Much Advice


People who are always ready with some advice are actually detested. A lot of people you will meet want to do things their own way. Just like you, they want to be free and independent. That’s the reason your doling out of too much advice won’t always be appreciated. It mars your personality. Give out advice only when people ask you directly for it.


Always Be Confident


You don’t need to know everything, but you have to be confident within your special expertise. This could be your line of work, or your hobby, or some other passion that you pursue and are known for. Other people are going to approach you about these things. You are going to have to make decisions. At such times, you have to make sure that you are confident about your actions.


Prioritize Your Tasks


You are always going to have a lot of tasks ahead of you. They will be your different social, professional and personal tasks. All of these tasks will deserve to be fulfilled but they will have different degrees of importance. This is where you have to understand the art of prioritization. You have to know which task is most important—the task whose fulfillment affects other tasks—and which is less important. Accomplish your tasks in this order. This ensures that you become more productive and earn people’s respect.


Respect Everyone for What They Are


Just as you want to be respected, other people want to be respected too. You have to ensure that you don’t slight anyone, that you give them the respect that they deserve. When you understand that others around you are also human and are prone to the same limitations that you are, you become better at handling other people.


Work on these points. If you are looking at developing an impressive personality, they are going to help you immensely.