Finding More Joy in Your Relationship


You are almost sure you have found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. This person has a special place in your life. You want to give them everything you can, but at the same time, apprehensions are looming. You are feeling nervous. You don’t know whether this person will want to stick with you for a long life. You don’t know where you are headed.


When such aspersions are raised within your mind, then you lose the joy in your relationships. You become worked up and you start worrying. This shouldn’t happen. Relationships are meant to give us joy, not sorrow.


Before committing to any relationship, make perfectly sure that you want to stay with that person for a long period of time, perhaps even for a lifetime. So, think well. Commit to someone only if you know that you want to spend the rest your life with. Your commitment should be meaningful and shouldn’t have any ulterior motive. When you say that you will stick with someone for life, then you should abide by that. And you should do that without expectation.


This might seem like a tall order, but if you do so, you are aiming for the biggest prize—claiming more joy in your relationship. When you are devoting yourself whole-heartedly and sans expectation to anyone, you are making your life more contented and peaceful. Remember that a person who doesn’t expect things to happen a particular way is the one who doesn’t get hurt much.


Don’t be overly possessive. If you partner says that they don’t want to come out with you for dinner one particular day, it doesn’t mean that they have lost their love for you. Think about all the times you spent happily together so far. Give people a break sometimes. It is all right if they speak with someone of the opposite gender apart from you. That doesn’t mean a clandestine affair is looming. You speak to people of the opposite gender too. Think about that. Do you always have an affair in mind when you do so?


Don’t expect your partner to change. All right, you like mussels, your partner doesn’t. There is no big deal in that. Don’t expect your partner to like everything you do. Don’t expect your partner to behave exactly in the way you do. Even in the very remote possibility that they do that, you won’t like it. They will become duplicates of you and you surely don’t want a clone of yours to be walking around with you. You loved them for what they were, so why try and change them now? It is highly likely that when they change you will find them too different and lose your attraction for them.


Keep these few points in mind. When you are looking at finding joy in your relationships, these are the things that go a long way. Work at them to make your relationship a success.