How to Ensure Your Day Is Positive


Life has been metaphorically compared to be like a rollercoaster. It is high sometimes and low at other times. When the life’s rollercoaster is at its summit, everything is going the way it should and we are full of happiness and good cheer. We have everything that we want at such times. But then, we have to be prepared for the plunges that life will inadvertently take as well. These ebbs are going to happen, but we have to do all we can to ensure that we are not thrown off the track.


Is it in our hands to make our days positive? To convert those ebbs into surges? Yes, if we tried. We could take our life in a whole new direction altogether. We would have to take things one at a time.


Plan Out Your Day


When you get up each morning, after you say a little prayer to the powers that you believe in, start planning out your day. You do not have to spend a lot of time on this. In fact, you can do this even as you are washing yourself or getting dressed for the day. You simply have to create a bare outline of what you will be doing throughout the day. This helps you anticipate the things that might happen and, in fact, just because you are planning your day out, there are fewer chances of any mishaps happening.


Do Not Have High Expectations about Anything


One likely way to jeopardize your day is by anticipating too much. You have to take it easy. Things will happen as they will. You do not need to think much about what is going to come your way. Do not expect high. That saves you from heartbreak if things do not go the way you expected them to.


Set Your Priorities Right


More often than not, we get worked up by the small things in life, the things that should not really matter much. If we want our days to be positive, then this is not the way to think. We have to make sure we know what we want the most. We have to think about things like our health, our family, our friends, etc. These are things that we do not prioritize and that are what leads to problems later on. Problems at work can be sorted out soon; problems with family and self take eons to solve.


Do Something That Gives You Joy… Every Day


Every day, unfailingly, do something that makes you happy. It could be a very small thing such as just browsing through a magazine that has your favorite pictures, but it should be something. When you do something for yourself, regardless of how quickly, you become happy. You get a sense of satisfaction. Try it out… this can help make your day better.


Try these things out. Though unexpected things will happen, you could ward off potential setbacks by not expecting too much and being optimistic. That is the way to have a brighter day.