How to Impress People at the First Meeting—5 Tips


Creating a good first impression is considered to be a very difficult thing, something that only a few people are good at. Maybe you find it difficult too. After all, is there a way to enamor someone in the brief period of the first meeting? Well, the truth is that it is, otherwise there wouldn’t be the concept of favorable first impressions at all! Read on to find out what you can do.


Be Confident about Yourself


The first thing is that you shouldn’t be jittery. Don’t be nervous when you are meeting someone for the first time. They are also people like you and probably they are also uneasy at having to meet you. When you think that way, you feel easier about your meeting with them.


Say Something Meaningful


Your first words will always be remembered. Hence, you need to say something that’s smart and relevant. It is all right if you speak slowly, but weigh your words and say the right thing. Your speech is the most important part of the favorable first impression.


Be a Better Listener than a Talker


People don’t like those who talk much, but at the same time they want someone to listen to them. Remember this basic human trait and play on it! When you are meeting someone, especially for the first time, listen more than you talk. If the other person is talking about themselves, listen to it with full attention. Punctuate the conversation with meaningful questions that shows your concern and interest. This is a sure way of getting into the good books of someone you meet for the first time.


Be Caring


Even within that brief first interlude, you can be caring. The way you hear other people out is a method of showing that you care. There are other means too, and they will present themselves along the way. Follow all rules of etiquette, especially if you are with a lady. Even in your talks, be compassionate and show that you care for people.




This is the cheapest ornament you can wear. Flaunt it! But, your smile should not be forced. It should be a breezy, natural smile that doesn’t put the other person off. Don’t smile too much too, and know when to smile and when not to… the rest will all work out quite fine.


So, implement these five suggestions and see how you can charm people the first time you meet them. Of course, this needs practice and an earnest desire to impress that person. Without either, you won’t be able to achieve what you want to.