Engine Info

Go Kart Engines

This type of engine is designed primarily for use of only a short time period. They’ve this aluminum cylinder bore that can be scratched against a steel piston ring thus creating a good deal of friction. Because of this, they don’t last really long and consequently, are not a good choice for those who intend to do the sport a good deal. Because larger models, they have this cast iron cylinder, an assortment that is more expensive than aluminum. All the same, this type lasts longer so it perhaps may be a good option to consider. As for some engines of this type, an electric start is built on them and along with this is an alternator that allows them to power a light and even charge batteries.

Motorcycle Engines

The most popular and by far the most versatile type of engines are the motorcycle engines since not only can they be used for racing on tracks but also for the off road Go karting. They don’t need a lot of modification to fit a used or self-constructed Go kart. However, this type of engine is one that is hard to find.

Lawnmower Engines

A horsepower of three to five, these engines are relatively powerful ones. Unlike the previous type of engine, these are not difficult to find. Nonetheless, there are a number of downsides. They are not really fast. They’re also difficult to adapt with to fit a particular Go kart’s needs. Additional disadvantages for using this type of engine are that upon running on a vertical pin, it requires a lot of work so that it will be able to run on the horizontal pin demanded by Go karts. As a result, there is a risk of piston failure since the engines are primarily designed to settle for that same way up.