Providing Free E-book Chapters


Why should anybody give a sampling chapter or mini-version of their book free of charge?  The chief reason – commonly is to sell or make revenue – isn’t forever achieved at the front end of the marketing procedure, it frequently comes afterwards, and brings earnings way beyond your best anticipations.


Here’s how and how come you should utilize the sample chapter strategy to bring forth leads for your information product.


To try out your idea for a fresh info product before expending days, weeks, months producing something nobody wishes to purchase.  The same is true if few individuals ask for the freebie; your product is virtually certainly a no-goer, likewise if the freebie is popular but results in few or no paid-for orders.


The sample chapter may be a selling tool not solely for its own uncut paid-for version, but for additional products likewise, where for instance a list or catalogue of other products is included with the free item.  For example, the beginning chapter of a cooking book may bring forth interest in the paid-for version of the book and may additionally direct readers to sites providing related information products, like ‘Ways to Have a Romantic Evening’, and so forth.  It pays to be heedful; however, when including links for others products, and see to it they don’t take away from the true reason the sample chapter was presented, namely to sell those cookbooks.  As for all matters in mail order, direct mail, net promoting, you must test reaction to all your promotions.


Sample chapters may be material you’ve composed for payment elsewhere, where right of first publication is yours, and the article or series of articles is added to book or course formatting.  A popular article is its own proof of a likely best selling book and you’ve probably completed most of the research already, and invited it.


You may give the sample chapter with the wide version of the product which is password secure.  Readers who like the test version and choose to go uncut merely give charge card details through ClickBank and move to a ‘thanks page’ which provides the password for the total book.


You may Author an article based on your uncut info product, but leave the reader hanging someplace between so they purchase your book.


Never blank out the most vernacular reason of all is to lure readers to the free info product to click on the link on the last page where they discover your order form and purchase your book!