How To Set Goals!


How does one set effective goals? Firstly do not confuse desires and wishes with your goals. A lot of times people want some accomplishment or situation and thing and name it as a goal. Once they do not get these, they are often disappointed. Just penning down your desires is not a part of setting goals. Goals that are perfectly put together have one or all the following aspects:


  1. Good goals are specific. Goals like being healthy are too generic. It is better to have a specific goal like you decide to walk 3 times weekly in order to lose weight.


  1. They’re realistic. It’s not that something is impossible; it is just that when you set unrealistic goals, it will lead to failure.


  1. They’re written down. Written down goals are more real and it helps to influence your mind subconsciously, and will have a greater impact if you review these on a regular basis.


  1. They’re measurable. Make a goal of how many pounds you plan on losing? Put a figure to the amount of money you want to make. Keep a picture of that perfect relationship you want to have.


  1. They’re motivating. Set a goal for the correct reason and give it a good start. Goals that are good excite you when you think about and visualize the benefits to accomplishing them. One must also learn skills for re-motivating and rewarding oneself when any progress is made.


  1. Good goals become plans. Take any goal and make specific steps to achieve it.


  1. They have specific deadlines. Give yourself an end date. Set a target and stick to it.


  1. Good goals consider personal factors. You can never succeed if you think you do not deserve it. You need to set goals that teach you personal development along the way to achieving them and personal development a part of the major goal you want to achieve.


  1. They’re followed by action. The best way to motivation is to start with some movement to reach the goal. Slow and steady wins the race. So start slow and then progress.


  1. They’re not written in stone. Every goal evolves naturally. You need to become more practical when setting your goals, make sure you keep your likes and dislikes in mind. Be what you wish to be and do what you want to do.