Questions to Initiate a Conversation with Anyone


Many people find it difficult to start a conversation with other people particularly, if they are not acquainted with each other or they feel shy or less passionate about a subject. If you just try to initiate conversation with very common basic questions, it may not take you very long. You can use any one or all of the following questions to start a useful conversation with anyone.

  1. What food do you like the most?
    You can start to talk to just about anybody about food. Everyone has his own taste and favorite food and probably will like to explain about his tastes. You also get an equal chance to tell about your most liked food. The conversation can then go to different directions.2. How will you describe your perfect day?


The question will start a dialogue allowing the other person to explore his fantasy and draw a picture of a perfect day spent by him doing different things and enjoying things the way he likes. You can also describe your imagination.

  1. What do you think is your guilty pleasure?


This can start a big conversation as it will put people on their toes and make them disclose some of their hidden self that is not always shared.

4. Have you ever been out of your country?

This question can lead to a very brilliant presentation of the experiences about different places and the fun and tragic stories about traveling and people someone has met and so on. If the person has never traveled abroad, he may express his desires about the places he may be planning to go. You can add the tales of your travel and experiences and memories or your wish list about travel abroad.


  1. What will you do if you get one million dollars?


The person perhaps has never thought about it. This can put him in a world of fancy and it can get to a more significant conversation. Most people will tell their big plans of getting out of present day to day working and making life enjoyable. You can add to it your imaginary plans of using the big sum.

  1. What is your target for this year?


This is a nice starter conversation with people who like to talk more about themselves and their plans and what they’d like to achieve in the present year or even in future.

  1. What is your dream job?


When you talk about the one million dollars, people even start thinking of the perfect job with that much money or jobs that give them something pleasant.  Talking about a dream job will bring out many surprises from people. Many of them will not think of money when they speak of their dream job. Of course the discussion can be interesting.

You can enhance your conversation abilities and learn various techniques to converse with people and expand your social circle and make friends. The questioning technique can be very useful.