Can Spirituality Survive without Physicality?


Spirituality is a supreme state where we are able to connect and identify ourselves with our soul and even with our divine creator. Spirituality is centered on our various beliefs and faith and is very important for our happiness and satisfaction in life while physicality is an understanding about the physical circumstances that we live in.


While some believe that spirituality is a state that supercedes physicality and lies beyond it, in the real world one needs to ask the question whether or not spirituality can survive without physicality.


If one has the belief that spirituality is beyond the realm of matter and has no connectivity to the physicality that we live in they are wrong. While spirituality helps us know and connect with our soul and help us understand our inner self and give our existence a meaning, it is necessary to understand that spirituality cannot supercede physicality and lie beyond it.


That said, in actuality, you need both spirituality and physicality to have a symbiotic relationship with each other each feeding the other and being responsible for the other’s existence and in turn helping bring harmony to our lives and wellbeing to our mind.


If our spirituality and physicality are not in terms with one another, a state that can arise when we are experiencing any difficulty or stress in life, then it has an adverse effect on both these elements and in turn, it has a proportional effect on our state of wellbeing. Our mind will be filled with worry and is constantly in a state of unrest.


But, if you work towards driving away these forces that are bringing in unrest and disharmony to the coexistence of spirituality and physicality, you will see that things begin to improve and you are bringing these two elements to par with each other and thus inducing a sense of contentment and satisfaction replacing the dissatisfaction and unrest that was present earlier.


So, it is of utmost importance to realize that spirituality cannot survive beyond the realm of physicality and each needs the other to strike a balance and bring a semblance to the scales of life. Without understanding and using this universal truth in our day to day affairs, we will not be able to give our life a meaning and bring happiness and content to our existence. This is something that each one of us aspires for and the earlier we realize this truth, we can lead a much happier and satisfied life, free from worries and unrest of the wavering mind.