Generating Turbo Traffic – The Inside Story


The most important thing that any website needs is generating adequate traffic visiting the site. It does not pay if you have a great website but do not have any users visiting the site. To improve upon the traffic visiting your site, you need to have some important things in consideration when you are building the site.


Let us now see what factors you need to concentrate on while the website is being formulated.


Domain Name


The domain name is the name by which your site will be identified. The user will need to type in the domain name in their browser to reach your website. This makes it very important to have a easily to remember name as well as easy to spell domain for your website but yet be unique to help the user identify your website with ease. Also, it is best to use .com extensions for your domain as this is the most common extension that is in use.




The content on your website should be very much informational on the products you are promoting. This information included in the site should not revolve on the product brand per se but should include lot of yet precise general information about the product or service your website is promoting. If you just portray your product with lots of pictures of it, you will not generate any traffic to your site. But, if you have informational content, it will help in improving traffic to your site.




You need to not only include informational content on your website you should also know the concept of keywords and include it in this content. Keywords are words that users type in while searching for information on search engines. You can use keyword tools that are available to help you know the important keywords that will help improve traffic to your site.


But, overstuffing your site with keywords is not permissible and you might land into trouble with search engines. So, you should include keywords within the content on your website but you need to keep them within permissible limits. So, you should know the permissible keyword density and keep the number of keywords within these allowed limits for you to avoid getting into trouble.


Provide Freebies


Everyone loves freebies. To improve traffic and to maintain it, you need to provide some freebies to your visitors. This can be in the form of providing free newsletters that help users get updated with anything new you are offering them or some add on that can be downloaded for free from your site.




You can include testimonials on your site with feedbacks from customers regarding the experience they had after using your product or service. This is a great way of promoting your product or service as a direct information from your customers is more likely to help improve trust in your product or service and tempt many more to try it out.


These are some important considerations that you need to keep in mind while planning on your website so that it will help generate adequate traffic visiting it and you can add better income to your sales figures.