How to Leave a Legacy?


Many of us do not like to think of our mortality and death. While this is universally true, have you ever thought how much you will be remembered and thought about after your passing? If you are living a life without enriching yourself by inspired thoughts and philosophies, it is more likely that you will not be a source of inspiration for the generations to come.


But, if you wish to be remembered and commemorated so, you have to start today to leave a legacy to inspire and influence the future generations.


Many people have many false beliefs about leaving a legacy. While some have the notion that a legacy is something that is linked to the lives of great leaders, others think it is just the monetary or asset benefits that a person leaves for the benefit of their heirs. While each is true, leaving a legacy is not only restricted to the passing on of wealth to your successors but also inclusive of empowering them with sharing your thoughts and philosophy that can enrich their lives like it did for you.


But, how does one get to leave a legacy to the benefit and inspiration of your future generations?


Get Inspired


Read about the lives of famous personalities and see how their thinking helped influence the lives of many people around them and for generations after them. Learn to use their thoughts and ideals in situations that are apt for you and see how they work for you. Use these situations to document about your inspirations and how it helped you in your life. This can help change the thoughts of the people who read about your experiences and get inspired from them.


Learn From Your Predecessors


You might have heard interesting issues from your predecessors that churned your thinking. Analyze them and use them for your benefit in your day-to-day situations. Document them and let others know how the information was useful in your life.


Think of Your Life Changing Moments


Everyone has life changing moments. Think of these life-changing moments and recall each and every aspect of it and see what it was that was beneficial to you and how it helped change your life. Document everything about these life-changing moments describing in detail how you were influenced, inspired and benefited by your thinking during these moments.


Values Attached to Small Things in Life


Leaving a legacy is not just about leaving lots of wealth. There will be some small things of interest that you might want your successors to have. For example, a heirloom from your predecessors, your first watch, something you bought from your first pay, etc. This small thing might not carry enough value to the future generation unless you want them to realize what importance it had for you. You can make them realize the importance of the item by describing in detail why this item was important to you and why you preferred to leave it to the person after you to treasure it after you.


Everyone that comes to this earth is mortal. The sooner we realize this fact, the easier it is to think how we can live a life filled with ideals and good deeds that can influence and inspire the future generations and more to come. Leave a legacy to enable future generations to live a meaningful life and get inspired and cherished forever.