How to Make Great Friends You can Gel with?


Friendship is that bond that helps you overcome many a difficulty when you have someone to look out for you and help you in the time of need. True friendship is for life. While true friends are hard to come by, many people have difficulty in knowing how to make friends.


Learning how to make friends is not a difficult task even for shy people if they know how. While some people are natural magnets and attract people towards them, some others might have to try a little harder and put in some extra efforts to learn and make friends.


Let us now understand what it takes to know how to make friends and to keep this friendship alive and kicking for a long time to come.


Understand the Value of Friendship


Friendship has a great value in each one’s lives. You should learn and realize the value of this friendship and the value of the person who is standing by you at all times. Unless you realize and learn to respect the friendship, you will not stay committed to your relationship and you can never learn to make friends who will be with you for life.


Meet Like Minded People


Go out and have fun in places where you are more likely to meet people who have common interests. For example, if you love jazz, attend a jazz concert or a local pub where they play jazz music and you are more likely to find a person who loves the same kind of music. Strike up a conversation and you might find the person interesting and willing to be your friend. You never know unless you try.


Carry a Friendly Attitude


People are more likely to be away from a person who stays very serious and does not love any humor. Have a friendly attitude, be ready to smile at people, strike up a conversation when you have a chance. All these are great methods to attract more people towards you and get to know people. The more people you know, the more the choice you have to seek the right people to be friends with.


Show Respect


Respect your relationship with your friend. If you do not show respect and you take your relationship for granted, it is highly likely that you will end up losing out on your friendship. This will hold good for both the sides. If both of you learn the necessity to show respect to your relationship, there is nothing on earth that can shake you from your friend and dissolve this friendship that you two share.


Friendship is a bond that is necessary to keep you going in life. So, go out and meet new people today and you will learn the value of true friends as you get to make new friends to share your happiness and sorrows.