Striking the Balance between Our Physicality and Our Spirituality


It is often thought that spirituality is a state where in we are surpassing physicality and living beyond it. In the fantasy world, people can believe that spiritual living can help you forget the worries of the physical world and you are always calm and happy.


But, in actuality, you need to realize that there is no spirituality without physicality and vice versa. Both need to complement each other and need to function hand in hand for things to go smoothly and for you to remain happy and content. This means to say that unless there is a sound balance between physicality and spirituality, your mind will be wavering and wandering with unrest.


You need to understand that your soul without your physicality is a non-entity and it needs our physicality to express itself. Likewise, our physicality cannot exist without the soul. Our physicality educates us about so many things that could have no meaning to it unless our soul helps us understand and helps us connect to it.


Your achievements in life are very much responsible for stringing together the elements of physicality and spirituality in a nice necklace where we see the pattern of life embedded in its intricate designs. This needs the string of contentment to hold the necklace together and to give specific patterns to it.


If you are having worries, you upset this pattern as you are disturbing the elements of your physicality and spirituality and creating unrest that will prevent these elements from settling down and providing you and your life with the meaning that these elements need to give.


To put it more simply, you need a balance between spirituality and physicality to give semblance to your life and give it the meaning that you are always searching for. So, in order to avoid upsetting this balance between spirituality and physicality, you should learn to identify that one cannot exist without the other and they need to co-exist with each other and work in tandem and harmony to help bring in contentment and fulfillment to your life.


By understanding this universal truth, you can work towards implementing it in all walks of your life, however simple they are and try to achieve results that bring in contentment and satisfaction. This will help in retaining the perfect balance between the two elements and you will find your life to be more fruitful and meaningful.


Wake up to the divine truth that physicality and spirituality cannot live without each other. The sooner you realize this universal truth, you can work towards achieving your life’s desires and getting satisfaction out of it like you never thought would be possible.