The Essential Components of Eating Right


Eat right! How many times you might have heard this statement? This is one of the most important phrases you should remember always whatever your age is. But, why is it necessary to eat right?


Eating right is of utmost importance for the maintenance of health and fitness. Unless you are eating right, it is not possible to bring about weight control or bring about changes to your health and fitness. Eating right includes three components:

  • Eating the right proportion of food
  • Eating the right kind of food
  • Eating at the right time


All these three components of eating right should be borne in mind for you to incorporate healthy eating habits.


Eating the Right Proportion of Food


It is essential not to eat too much or too little. If you are eating too much, you are increasing the number of calories you are consuming. All the calories that you consume are not utilized by the body and this excess will get stored up as fat. So, you will tend to put on more weight.


At the same time, you should not be eating lesser than necessary. In such a case, you are depriving the body of vital nutrients essential for the maintenance of body activities. This will lead to tissue destruction by the body to meet the requirements of the body towards essential nutrients. Also, if the body starves then it is perceived as an emergency state and the body will tend to store any food that it encounters as fat and you will begin to feel listless and have low energy levels.


Eating the Right Kind of Food


The body needs a balanced proportion of nutrients for its daily functioning and maintenance. Unless all the nutrients are being supplied, the body will started getting malnourished and have adverse effects on your health. So, it is essential to get the body its required proportion of vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats and carbohydrates. It is essential to have a high protein diet with low fat content and moderate quantity of carbohydrates.


Eating At the Right Time


It is essential to eat in small proportions through the day. This is the best way to improve the body metabolism and utilize all the food that is taken to provide energy and nutrition to the body.


Again, as we said earlier, it is essential not to skip meals and starve the body as this is perceived as an emergency state wherein the body begins to store all the consumed food as fat and you tend to put on more weight.


Eating right is something that each one of us should learn to improve our general health and to help maintain our body healthy for a long time to come. Learn the habit of eating right! You will just enjoy it and the health benefits that come along the way.