5 Things to Improve the Quality of Life


Everyone must know and realize the difference between ‘existing’ and ‘living’. When you exist, you merely breathe, eat, drink, sleep and do everything else that your instincts tell you to do. But, when you live, you are actually spending each moment in a qualitative manner. You are giving expression to your creativity, you are producing the best you can, and you are ensuring that you are giving back to your society and the world something in return.


Animals exist. Human being need to live.


And, at every moment of our lives, we have to do things that can improve the quality of our lives. We have to pack more into the seconds, minutes and hours that we spend here.


Here we shall talk about a few things that we must do to ameliorate the quality of our lives.


  1. Always keep learning. There is no age that limits learning. You can continue learning throughout your life, and we aren’t talking about just academic qualifications here. Learn about everything you can. If a new technique or technology has been introduced, learn about it. If your business has changed, keep updated. A learned person will always know of various ways in which they can improve their lives.


  1. Keep yourself informed and updated at all times. Be abreast of what is going on in the world. When you are informed, you become a good conversationalist also. You are better company for people, and you find that the quality of your time is improved.


  1. Have a passion in life and fulfill it. If you like in a monotonously mechanical manner, you will soon find that there is no motivation in your life. You will tend to give up on things. This should not happen. On the other hand, if you are passionate about something and follow upon it, you will find that your life is more enriched.


  1. Love your profession. Or, to put it differently, do not be in a profession that you hate. Whether it is a job or a business, you should love what you are doing. This can provide the highest qualitative enrichment of your life.


  1. Take up a meditation therapy. Meditation practices such as Yoga can help you to control your mind and you can realize the full potential of yourself. If you feel that there is more that you can do but are impaired in some way, then a good meditation technique can help you go closer to your potentials.


These are the ways in which you can strive to improve the quality of your life. Work them into your lifestyle and optimize your potentials.