Are You a Good Leader?—8 Questions to Ask Yourself


If you are in a leadership position, then self-assessment becomes a very important thing. At every step of your leadership, you need to see how efficient and effective you are. Are your people responding to you in a positive manner? This kind of assessment is needed on a continuous basis, because only then can you bring about improvements in your game.


The following are some questions that you can ask yourself to assess your leadership. The answers to these questions should be evident to you, but they are provided all the same!


  1. Does your team trust you?

Answer = Yes. It is important that your team relies on your decisions and looks forward to your guidance.


  1. Does your team feel intimidated of you?

Answer = No. A team that is frightened of opening out to its leader is indicative of a negative environment. As a leader, you have to provide everything you can to allow the progress of your team.


  1. Does your team come forward to you with questions/suggestions?

Answer = Yes. A team that opens out to their leaders with their own suggestions is a reflection on the creative and positive environment that the company provides. If you want to unleash the true potential of your team, then you need to provide them with this kind of atmosphere.


  1. Do you find people getting promoted in your team frequently?

Answer = Yes. If your team members are promoted, it means you are a good leader! A leader is a guide, a mentor. If people under you are climbing up, it means you are doing a great job as well.


  1. Are more people moving into your team?

Answer = Yes. Again, this is a reflection on the positive atmosphere that your company provides.


  1. Do people stay at home often?

Answer = No. If people are bunking their duties often, it means there is something amiss. They should look forward to coming to the job, not staying at home.


  1. Are you happy with the incentives you are giving?

Answer = Yes. If you are satisfied with the incentives you are providing to your team, then it is likely that your team likes it too. This means you are providing enough motivation for your team to work, even do more than their best at times.


  1. Do you feel energized about coming to work everyday?

Answer = Yes. The biggest response for your team’s improvement comes from you yourself. If you look forward to come to work daily, then it means everything is going on right at work.