You Have To Advertise on Craigslist


Craigslist isn’t always the best ad option but there are particular situations in which a business can’t afford not to advertise on Craigslist. For the purposes of this article we’ll examine 2 basic scenarios where a business owner ought to definitely think about advertising on Craigslist because failure to do so may be detrimental to his business. These instances include small startup companies without a big ad budget and existing companies whose direct competitors are promoting extensively on Craigslist.

Little startup companies often have much of work ahead of them to start competing with existing companies who are already flourishing. These companies might already have established customer bases and may have substantial funding for the purpose of getting new clients. Customer loyalty may be hard to break and new companies either have to offer significantly better quality products or services, like products or services at reduced prices or a slick promoting campaign with consumer appeal.


But, smaller companies seldom have the advertising budget essential to engineer an elaborate ad blitz. This is when Craigslist becomes a necessity. Smaller companies may focus their energy on producing outstanding ad copy without spending exorbitant sums of money to run these ads in other forms of media like papers, magazines, TV or radio.

It’s crucial to note that while free advertising is appealing, the ad should be just as sophisticated as it would in markets where the business owners would be required to pay to run the ad. This will help the business to maintain a professional image and will lure potential clients to try their products or services.


A different scenario is when direct rivals are making use of the ad opportunities on Craigslist. This is crucial as businesses who don’t promote in the same locations as their rivals are basically conceding potential clients who peruse those locations.


Envisage you own a dog walking business in Oregon. If there are a big number of members of that community utilizing the local Craigslist site to find dog walkers, you’ll likely miss out on these business chances because these people will likely select one of the individual’s ads on Craigslist. If you were to post a well written ad in a suitable section of Craigslist you might find you’re able to gain a market share of the available business.


However, if virtually 100s of dog walkers are flooding the site with their ad it is not worth while to post an ad as your ad will likely be lost in the shuffle. It’s much more worthwhile to advertise in other locations.