From a student point of view, the communication in school is usually more one way than two, where the student is expected to listen to the teacher and make the necessary effort to excel in his or her studies.

However if there is good communication between parents and teacher, this void of information can be filled through this active and mutual participation of both parties.Teachers

Good communication between parents and teachers is very useful on many levels especially if it is positive. As an advocate for the child, the parent can initiate conversations where appreciation can be expressed, concerns can be discussed, encouragement can be offered and problems if any can be solved in an amicable and comfortable way.

Most people would accept that good communication will help the desire of both the teacher and the parents to assist the child in being the best he or she can possibly be, thus being able to initiate and maintain good communication between the two dominant forces in the child’s educational and social exposures will definitely something worth ensuring.

However it should also be understood that any kind of communication should be done in a cordial and dignified manner as any negative exchanges will eventually affect the child and may even cause problems for the future of the child within the particular school environment.

Studies have found that most students appear to do better when there is good communication established between their parents and the teachers engaged in teaching their children.

This good communication allow both parties to keep informed view of the child academic progress, while ensuring the child’s potential in every area is successfully tapped.

This will help the child do things with a more positive attitude thus achieving more than otherwise though to be possible.