A lot of children today tend to lament about the fact that their parents don’t really want to make the effort to understand them and their needs.


Whether unfounded or true, this is certainly the general perception of most children today. Therefore in the quest to create a better understanding and hopefully a strong lasting bond between parent and child, it would be a good idea to participate in extracurricular activities with one’s child.

This of course takes some effort and coordination on the part of the parent, but nonetheless could be a rather beneficial exercise to explore.

Most children would enjoy the attention element that the parental participation would create, and this would encourage them to excel enough to make the parent proud of their attempts and efforts.

The participation on the part of the parent will also give both parties, the opportunity to enjoy each other’s company and perhaps even give the parent the opportunity to impart of beneficial knowledge to the child.

This is especially beneficial if the parent concerned is an expert of sorts in a particular field, whereby the advice given or the training session share could bring to light some very rewarding tips and tricks on how to be ahead of the competition.

In being able to do so effectively, the parent may also gain more respect from the child as he or she recognizes the special extra element the parent is capable of or has previously achieved.

Another benefit of participating in the extracurricular activities would be that the parent can also have the opportunity to keep fit both mentally and physically. It is also a great way to keep fit while doing something with the child where both are sharing the same exciting activity together.