High Points

Downlines are basically individuals who are recruited by other existing members of the business plan to promote the product or services with the intention of generating sales for the company.

These downlines are usually compensated through a series lucratively designed revenue earning plans. The intention of joining or signing on as a downlines is to earn an income that is both rewarding and hopefully at the same time liberating in terms on individual time commitment. Initially most downliners sign on to do a business on a part time basis but there are some who eventually commit to a fuller and more fulfilling schedule.

Generally the more performing downliners one is able to recruit and build into the business plan the better the chances are of reaching or achieving high sales targets and earning good residual income.

Downliners makeup the back bone of any networking business endeavor, therefore having a strong and contributing team of downliners will eventually contribute to getting the product being sold gain recognition and awareness among the masses.

Sometimes these downliners function more effectively than any advertising campaign can in getting recognition for the product. This form of getting the business recognized has very effective far reaching implications as most downliners have their own set of possible customers they can reach out to thus creating a wider platform for the product gaining awareness among the general masses.