Which Way

Working online and working offline entails very different and often conflicting elements. Therefore when deciding to chose either option one should be well informed of the advantages and disadvantages of both styles. The following are some points that could be enlightening:

Online businesses have the capacity to be limitless when it comes to being able to reach the target audience anywhere and everywhere.

There are also no time constraints and this is of course convenient for the merchant operating the business in one part of the world while trying to reach a customer base in the other part of the world.

Online businesses also do not really require expensive advertising campaigns and propaganda tactics as the various tools available on the internet can be explored and exploited to ensure optimum advertising opportunities at minimal or no costs at all.

In most cases online marketing styles do not require extensive office space and a battalion of staff to go with it. A lot of the work can be done electronically thus effectively saving time, space and manpower. This of course is another cost effective contribution to the overall business entity.

All of the above applies to the offline business in the opposite way. Thus for some using the offline option may not be as viable as idea as first perceived.

However there are some advantages to using the offline platform which would be the very real feel of actually operating a business. This visibility both for the individual and for those around can be a very profound and domineering feature indeed.