Company success and failure are dictated by decision making. The same also applies when you think about achieving personal and not business goals. Among these, poor decision making can kill a good strategy if people in the organization do not see it as a source of strategy failure.

Given a directive of too many goals can create a situation where everything becomes a priority. In this situation nothing really gets accomplished but projects do remain pending. Given this scenario, it is important for business owners to know how to select, prioritize, edit and delete decisions.

If you are working on a personal goal like boosting confidence, developing leadership qualities, saving money, eating healthy or something similar, you will also need to make the right decisions. Some things you will have to be a stickler for while others you will need to forego completely. Pick and choose your options wisely. So whether a decision is made solo or is team based, it is important to make sure that you have a process where warning signals can be detected should you need to revisit your decision.

Remember an earlier reference to work in progress? Well, this is where you need to have the flexibility to make adjustments and improvise according to the demands of the situation.