Vision is great. In fact, it is the starting point for all big things to come. But vision means very little unless executed.

What this means is that it is great to have a plan but simply having a plan cannot get things done. It hardly even acts as a catalyst anymore. Take the very common example of trying to lose weight. You know you need to work hard and put in a certain amount of effort to shed off the extra pounds.

If you fail to lose weight on a diet, then is the diet the problem or is it because you didn’t follow through consistently? The vision was to lose weight and the execution required you to invest time, effort and a lot of will power into the process. Were you able to deliver?

Another way to look at the same is trying to expand your blog. If your blog isn’t growing, is it because your marketing strategy is poor, your writing style not up to the mark or simply because you can’t seem to create enough useful content? You may have the vision to create a blog with broad readership but do you have the strategy and execution to take it that far?

Now vision and execution are not exclusive to the business world, although almost everything written about the topic refers to entrepreneurs and leaders, but can apply equally well to everyday non- business like situations as well, as we have just seen. So while a lot of the examples in this book might sound like they have to do with good leadership qualities only, feel free to apply the same to your personal aims and goals in daily life.