To create a front-end offer that is irresistible, you must first make it a product that has mass appeal that could generate huge amount of sales. Before you decide on what kind of topic you are going to use for your front-end, do some marketing research. First, understand what kind of market you are going to cover, and then research on the customers in the niche.

The research is crucial, because in different kinds of niche, you‟ll meet different kind of customers with different mindsets. If you could first put yourself in your ideal customers‟ shoes, attracting traffics to your site and generating big sales isn‟t too far from you.

First of all, target a larger market like Internet marketing niche, or personal development niche. Both these markets could be potentially big for you to generate sales. Identify the market, and the front-end product that you can sell to them. When you are able to target them, your front-end offer is going to make massive sales.

The second criterion of a front-end product is, obviously, an evergreen topic. The evergreen topic means the topic that will attract more people buy, and it last for a very long time. People will still need the product regardless what kind of business they are in.

For instance, in the Internet marketing niche, lead generation methods would be an evergreen topic. Regardless of what kind of Internet businesses that they are in, they will definitely need to get visitors and subscribers to their website. This is a topic that will not grow old, especially for email marketing. A product vendor will need it, and so does an affiliate, as long as it involves email marketing, they will need your product to grow their list.

For this session, to decide what kind of topics are the evergreen topics, you‟ll need to study on your ideal customers as well. Do not hesitate to invest your time to conduct this kind of research on your customers‟ preferences, because this will definitely help in your sales funnel, both short-term and, most importantly, long-term. I will not teach you much on how to conduct the research in this book, because it is another topic altogether that will bring us astray from the sales funnel.

The third criterion of a front-end offer is a topic that can solve an immediate or urgent problem. Think about it, why do people want to buy your product? It is all because they need a quick solution to solve their problem. If your product can solve their problem immediately, they are what people will look for.

When you are offering the solution for their problems, you are in fact implementing the skill to use emotional enhancers in your products.

The emotional enhancers included:

Wealth/Money Happiness Security Health Power Recognition Love

Of course, there are many more to be listed down. The listed ones here are the most effective emotional enhancers that you could make use of. When you are brainstorming for the next idea, always remember how to apply these in your product.

What you can do before you fix the topic for your front-end is to ask yourself few questions:

– How can I enhance this product and make it irresistible? – How can I push the emotional buttons that everyone has? – How do the emotional enhancers apply to this product?

Bear in mind that you may mix and match the emotional enhancers. It is not necessary to put only one each time. To make your work simpler, I already prepared a checklist for you. When you are brainstorming ideas for your product, follow the checklist. Write down every single idea that pops up in your mind and discard them only after a long and thorough consideration.