So, here‟s how you can get your front-end product done. There are two ways you can get the front-end product: – Create it by yourself, and – Repurpose PLR products.

The front-end product can be in 3 formats as you already know that by now, but no worries, I will lead you step-by-step on how to create an irresistible front-end product in all 3 formats.

Method #1: Create it yourself E-book: First step, brainstorm on ideas. I hope that you already know how important it is to pick the right topic for your front-end product by now, because if the front-end couldn‟t make the first sale and open the buying loop, the whole sales funnel will be futile.

A great front-end offer gets people in and gets things rolling. Hence, brainstorming ideas for your front-end product is vital. You need to understand what your intention is to create the product. For newbies, once you‟ve decided on which market to target on, go and make connections with the people that already in the market.

When you are doing this, firstly, you are expanding your connection to the potentials Joint Venture partners that you can work with in the future. Secondly, you are building up your credibility in this market. Building up credibility within the market is important, both towards the Internet marketers and the visitors.

When you have built up certain credentials among the Internet marketers, people will gladly help you to promote your products. Also, when you have your credibility built among the visitors, your products will have better sales.

Improving your credibility is improving your brand. You don‟t need to be a scientist to know how important branding is. Branding plays a big role in sales and in some instances, the branding does the selling, not the product quality.

This is why building up your connection is so important as well. Another purpose of building up connections is for you to understand more about what kind of topics the other Internet marketers usually use. This will definitely help you in your brainstorming session.

As for those who are already in the business for long enough, brainstorming on ideas wouldn‟t that hard for you anymore, surely. However, you must always be innovative. Understand the needs of your subscribers, and create a product that fulfills their needs. This is not an easy task, but to survive in this ever-changing business, you must always be innovative. It‟s a „sink or swim‟ industry.

Now, back to the topic. Once you‟ve decided on what topic you are going to use for your front-end, you need to ask yourself a question: “How are you going to teach them?” This is the next problem to solve. – Is it going to be from your own experience? – Is it going to be from what you‟ve learned by doing research?

If both ways are not applicable, revise and think through it once again until you get something that works.

Collect only necessary materials for your content. Remember to focus on what you are going to teach only. Most of the people tend to forget about the first intention of creating the product. Hence, the information of the product isn‟t in-depth. If you follow the tips I‟ve mentioned just now, you may have some idea on where to get the materials for your content by now.

It is either you write everything from scratch based on your own experience and knowledge, or do your research online.

Most important step before you start writing is to draft your content. You can first start without a sequence. The sequence of the chapters can always change afterwards. List down the chapters one-by-one, and then, put them in order to have the general overview of your ebook.

Next step, outline the sub-points that you are going to write under each chapter. Drafting out the chapters will ensure the flow of the whole content is smooth.

Then, you can start writing the content. Writing an e-book isn‟t as easy as you think. It will take more time to complete compared to creating the video training courses. You would need a proper structure, planning, and a lot of revision. It will take a very long time.


Sometimes, you may be experiencing writer‟s block in the midst of writing, but don‟t force yourself to keep writing.Take a short break, read an article that is unrelated to what you are writing, take a short nap, drink a cup of coffee. Refresh your mind and then continue your work.

The final step is optional. This is a step especially for newbies in the business. Get some feedbacks from others and then revise your product based on the feedbacks. If you are already familiar with the business, you may not want to skip this step. You can never produce something that is 100% perfect, so feedbacks from others are still valuable.

For newbies, if you are still not sure about what you‟ve done is right or wrong, I strongly recommend you to get some PLR products as references to your product.

Videos + Transcripts: The steps to create video course training and transcripts are more or less the same as creating an e-book. Same deal, first to brainstorm on the ideas, collect materials for the content, and then draft your content.

The first 3 steps are really important as this will affect whether your front-end offer can generate massive sales or not. And then, it is slightly different in creating content for the book and videos.

The first step in creating the video is to create presentation slides with PowerPoint or Keynote for each module. There‟s certain way in creating the presentation slides as well.

First, change your slide‟s layout to the ratio of 16:9. The presentation slides used to in the layout of 4:3, which is squarer in form. Most of the computer screens nowadays are in widescreen so when you set it to 16:9 ratio, the slides will look better when they show the video on full screen.

If you are still using the layout of 4:3, the sides of the screen will be empty when they are showing the video on full screen in the widescreen computer. So, always change the layout to 16:9 before you start writing your points. Besides, it‟ll look more cinematic.

And then, do not fill 100% of your slides with words. The maximum you can go for is 80%, because people‟s attention span if there are too many words in the slides. In addition, the words will be overlap with the control panel of the players at the bottom of your slides.

The last criterion that you need to remember is putting only the important points in the slides, while the other explanations will be presented in your transcripts. It is totally fine to have maybe just 2 or 3 points in a slide, you can elaborate or explain in details by adding it to your transcript and let them listen to it instead.

These are the things that you need to be cautious when you are creating the presentation slides. After creating the presentation slides, the next thing you need to do is to write a transcript for each module.

The transcript has mainly 2 purposes: (1) to pass to the voice over actor to speak, and (2) compile together with the video training course.

When you have these 2 tasks done, after the voice actor does the recording and the video is completed, your front-end offer is good to go.

Graphics: Creating a graphic front-end offer is totally different from the last two formats that I‟ve mentioned just now. First, you‟ll need to hire graphic designer to design the graphics for you.

Same thing, you‟ll need to brainstorm on ideas as well. Whether to create presentation slides, infographics, mascots or a higher end product like graphic software. You can skip the steps to collect materials for content and draft your content, except for infographic products.

When you are handling an infographic product, content for the product is still needed. So, you will need a content writer to work along with the graphic designer to make the infographics.

Method #2: Buy PLR Products This is the fastest and easiest way to create your front-end. With this method, you can even create a few front-end ahead and line up the launches for months. Indeed, this technique is a huge time saver that it frees you up so that you can attend to other important businesses.

Regardless you are writing an e-book or video training course, what you need to do is gather a few PLR products in the same topic and rewrite it. The best feature of PLR product is that you are allowed to resell the products without any copyright issue.