A large majority of people would rather life within a safe and unchallenging boundary for fear of failure. Thus the popular saying – nothing ventured nothing gained. However the most telling result of this way of thinking is the eventual regret felt which almost always is irreversible.
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When an individual is unable to identify and map out a possible plan for working towards a goal, this individual is likely to make a habit of setting for just a mediocre life.

When this habit is clearly and concretely formed, the “fight” factor that is the important ingredient in achieving milestones will never be developed or even become completely nonexistent at all. Allowing this rather negative trait to manifest will not benefit and may even cause the individual to live a lack luster life, always settling, instead to trying to push for greater heights.

If there is no zest for chasing a dream, there will be no goal to achieve. Most individuals like the idea of always being challenged to achieve better things simply because it seems to give them a reason for existence.

Another negative trait that often surfaces when there is not dream to keep an individual going is bitterness. Bitterness can have such detrimental effects on any individual spanning from the mental to the physical capabilities until the said individual is just a shell of his or her original self.