In the drive to success one must be able to identify with one‟s target audience effectively because in doing so the chances of achieving the goals set will be higher and better. If the target audience is not interested in the material or plan being presented then there will be very little progress made towards getting them on board and fired up.

Who Are You Talking To

Doing the research to identify the best types of people to target is ensure a better and higher percentage of success as the material being presented will be appealing to them.

This is perhaps the most important element when targeting the desired audience base. Learning to identify and use this element to one‟s advantage will be very helpful in the process of getting and keeping the attention of the desired audience.

Once the target audience is adequately identified then the sense of urgency should be encouraged in order to ensure the endeavor is launched as quickly and as efficiently as possible. This will be especially easy if the motivation levels are at the very highest.

Being able to “reach” the audience because of the background information gained to time spend developing it can help to narrow down the individual most likely to respond positively to any project.

Having a good grasp on the knowledge needed to create a sense of urgency within the participants is also another way of ensuring success.

This will be evident when queries and ideas are being discussed and if the exercise is well managed the sense of urgency will be sufficiently
heightened. However the presenter should be well equipped to address any and all questions being put forth.

Emphasizing on the point that the opportunity being presented to the target audience is both phenomenal and perhaps even hinting that is has the possibility of being limited will also create the positive encouragement to entice commitment.