After the initial visit to the site, all steps should be taken to ensure the visitor continues to revisit the site regularly and consistently. This is done using a number of innovative ways, some of which are explored below:

Drum Up Interest

 Providing new information in the content is important as interested parties will only revisit the site if they are assured of finding fresh information, ideas, post and other helpful features at the site. Therefore there is always a need to stay informed in the area chosen so that one can provide such new information for the site’s content matter.

 Creating avenues for the availability of the new postings at the site is also needed. Alerts and other forms prompting and informing the target audience of the new material available is equally important as some may not be aware of the new features thus fail to visit the site.

 Regularly conducting updating exercises at the site would also help to encourage the visitors to return to the site as they would be assured of not having to view outdated information which will in turn create the perceived authority on the subject matter posted. The visitors would then be firmly convinced that all the latest information can be gotten from this particular site based on the updating exercise that is periodically conducted.

 Conducting an analytical observation exercise on the visitors’ statistics and their more obvious interest and searches will also allow the individual to make a more informed decision on what to feature at his or her site. Featuring content material that is relevant will definitely ensure return visits as the participants would have already been actively interested in sourcing such material as part of their searching agenda.

 Also one should always ensure that besides featuring new material periodically one should also ensure that the visitor is “taken” the new material easily through clearly shown links.