Sometimes after exhausting all existing tried and true methods of doing things one needs to adjust the mindset to be open to trying new and more innovative ways to solving the sleep deprivation problem. This is especially necessary if the current methods are adding to the stress levels of an already difficult situation.

Change It

Here are some suggestions on the changes that can be made in order to create a more easily sought sleep state:

• Taking up a new and slightly more physically demanding exercise regimen. Though exercise has always been an important way of living a healthy lifestyle elevating the requirements of the exercise routine will help to exhaust the body into craving for better rest sessions thus enabling the individual to get good sleep sessions.

• Eating healthier and lighter meals especially before sleep pattern times will also help to create a more conducive body condition so that sleep comes easily and naturally. Eating heavy meals that are also unhealthy in its content will cause such discomfort that the individual will be unable to induce comfortable sleep sessions.

• Being exposed to bright light will also help to keep the brain alert and functioning at its optimum thus exhausting it enough to induce proper sleep patterns when the body feels the need for it. So when working in darker surrounding environments one should always opt to have bright lights enhancing the work area.

• Using the temperature element as an effective tool to induce consistent and successful sleep patterns has been documented as having some level of success. Keeping the temperature at levels which creates a comfortable atmosphere for the individual will eventually allow a more relaxed state to prevail thus inducing sleep.

• Adopting a comfortable posture or body position that is more receptive to creating the comfort zone for a sleep experience is both necessary and effective.